Zacian V Card

 Zacian V Card is worth $23 USD in 2023 

V card was first released back in 2017 December after the 13th anniversary of Pokemon Card Trading. You can find 60 cards of the V league. These 60 cards form up the chain of #178 declaring the name of Sword and Shield expansion.

The deck of these cards is also called the Elite Box. Each deck of these cards holds one booster card with 1 basic energy. The Hp of these cards is very high because of being the Traditional Mastered cards. Golden Zacian V stands as the top-ranked card of this series since it’s the only different card to be released in this series.

Zacian V Value

The current value of Zacian V card is estimated at $20 for the poor condition PSA 10 version, $22 for the average condition PSA 10 version, and $23 for the Mint condition PSA 10 version.

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  • HP: 220
  • Type: Metal
  • Attacks: Intrepid Sword, V rule, Brave Blade
  • Weakness: Fire x2

Card Worth: $23 USD

  • Released Year: 2018
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

None of these cards were graded due to being a part of the latest chain that began in 2016. There is a different version of the battle deck for these cards with a guide card for each deck. A 2019 Zacian V card which was the second shiniest card to be made marks the end of this series of Zacian as well as the V league. According to the reports of the buyers, the card carried its shine for longer than any other card to be made for the Starter Pack.

Zacian V Card Price Chart 2023

What is the worth of V cards?

The worth of these series remained the same throughout their time except for the series of the 2 cards of the V league, Zacian Mint 9, and the chain #176 cards. These cards had no connection with history or traditions. These cards had a worth of about $34000 at the moment they got on the market.

There were some cards from the chain of Swords and Shield which secured a high worth with a starting value of $250,000. The Dacian V Rare BGS is all-time rare and the favorite card, this card proves the creation of the modern cards. The Basic V card with a worth of $56000 is the third and the last with the highest worth of this series.

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How many V cards were made?

There were a total of 4 different cards that make up this deck of 60 cards that belong to the chain of #178. The Astral cards were the trainer cards with a quantity of 14 cards, these cards were the basic cards with the character moves theory.

These cards had no special color or changes. The Zacian Vivid Voltage was the main card that combined the deck. These cards were released as the introduction to dull and shiny mixed material. A total of 9 of these cards were made and they had a high demand because of being the most beautiful cards.

Which V cards are the rarest?

What makes these cards rare is the fact that they were released in the modern time and with the use of better machinery these cards were made very fine and with better colors/materials.

Apart from the Vivid Voltage cards, the V 25th anniversary cards were the rarest. What makes these cards rare is that the 25th-anniversary card was a single card with the most beautiful attractions over it. Due to being extremely rare this card was sold for over $330,000. The new collector of this card is a part of TCG creation and has decided never to bring this card on any further Auctions.

is this card available on Amazon or eBay?

For a month few of the chain #178 cards were available on Amazon and eBay as well but after they got saved eBay started selling copies of these cards claiming to be the original copy which was not true. In 2020 V cards were available on selling sites since they were very basic cards that are why they were up for sale and got sold out after some months.