Wicked Empyrean Dragon

 Wicked Empyrean Dragon is worth 9 Billion Gems in 2023 

The empyrean dragon debuted in 2023 and is regarded as unusual. This creature has a hatching rate of 1.5%. Every enormous pet is born with a one-of-a-kind, enchanting closest friend. Overall, the attraction would make a pet as formidable as the hardest pet. This massive pet is an unusual special pet that has a 15% chance of being produced from pet hatching.

The beginning worth value is 100 billion gemstones. This is an uncommon class pet that can be found in Pet Simulator X. It came as part of the pixel update. The present cosmic wicked dragon’s worth is roughly 9,80,000,000,000 gems. The history of the winged dragon has been known to be unique because of its power and the glitch rate of about 13% from the exclusive egg.

Wicked Empyrean Dragon Value

The current value of an Empyrean Dragon in Pet Sim X is estimated at 9,000,000,000 for the Normal, 3,800,000,000 for the Golden, and 50,000,000,000 for the Rainbow version.

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This pet card belongs to the latest entry pets, which is why there are new things in them. And also that it has only one skin, and new skins are regularly uploaded once they are generated. In case you found this pet card with cartoon coins, then you can have the same card with double the value, which is very rare to happen.


Pet worth  9,000,000,000 diamonds

  • Released Year: 2023
  • Rarity: Rare

This card’s proportion of finds, which is comparatively lesser compared to several other decks’, was quoted by some users as 0.98%. Every five hours, there is a chance that this card may fall from the Santa bag, yet it merely occurs once a year on the unique occasion of Christmas. In the earlier days, the card’s distribution was dependent on balloon rankings.

Remember that such a card also exists in a highly challenging-to-obtain gigantic variant, which makes it the third iteration of the reskinned Big Dragon. Furthermore well-known for being the nasty empyrean dragon worth itself in the pet simulator and also when the wicked dragon discount code is used.

Wicked Empyrean Dragon Value Chart 2023

Normal9 billion diamonds
Gold38 billion diamonds
Rainbow50 billion diamonds

How to get a Wicked Empyrean Dragon?

Since it is an exclusive egg, one of the most common ways is to get an exclusive egg and get it hatched, but it would not be so easy, and since the hatch rate is very low, it is not certain to receive it in the egg. On the other hand, if you have enough wealth to use Roblux, you should be ready to invest 800 in it and get the egg for yourself.

If you have an egg gift, then following that, you’d need to go to the tech store and look for a hidden chamber on the bottom left, where you’d discover the automatic hatching hack. You’d need to unlock this workaround every hour, which is when you’d need to test your luck by spending 100 trillion coins to shorten the hatching period to 10 seconds.

What is the exclusive rate for this Pet?

The pet is a large-sized variant of the Dragon card and is reported to make up 1.5% of the overall market in its unique category. Keep in mind that this pet could be significantly tougher than the ones you have and deal 100% more power.

However, only this particular pet eliminates all of its attributes when you attend the simplistic and doesn’t create gems. The empyrean dragon value cosmic has a maximum policy size of 2042 bytes.

Can we make Wicked Dragon mythical by fusing?

A device called the Fusing Generator may be found in the Beach Landscape. Players can transfer 3 to 12 pets to the machine in exchange for a unique pet. It is impossible to insert or remove legendary or unique pets from the computer, and such pets are unable to be placed.

What is Roblox sapphire worth?

As the earliest and purest form of bauxite in gameplay, sapphire has a value equal to that of rubies and emeralds. Only the diamond can rival it. It may be purchased for $80 per gem at any ordinary or miners’ merchant.

How many pets are in the mythical egg?

A mythic egg may produce eight pets. As they are all at various levels of rarity, it will certainly take over eight chicks to collect them all. Adopt Me has a few of the most remarkable and unusual animals ever!

Can you get a POG dragon?

The Pog Egg is fully randomized and requires actual cash; however, there’s a twist. There are eleven million imaginary coins in a pog egg. There is nonetheless optimism because there is a 49 percent possibility that the egg will hatch into a Pog dragon. If you’re having trouble breeding a Pog Dragon, it’s advised to sell any unwanted Pog creatures.

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What is VIP in a pet simulator?

Early access to new territories, a distinctive nametag in conversation and trade, and the capability for canines to grab fallen objects right away are all benefits of the VIP rank. It can either be obtained by dropping or bought with Robux if the player seems to have the VIP ticket improvement.

More about the Pet

Some pets can only be obtained for a limited period, and this golden dragon value card can only be received at that time once the exclusive egg is laid. The press release has been implemented in the pixel notice. The present Wolf value yields a total value of about 1,000,000 gems when non-HC variants are included. When wolves hunt, dark material has 40,000,000 diamonds.