What is the Worth Pocket Monsters? [2024]

Pokémon is an acronym of the Japanese name for “Pocket Monsters,” which is popular in Japan. For the Japanese media franchise, Nintendo’s wholly-owned subsidiary, the Pokémon Company is in control. The Trading Card Game, based on the Pokémon video game franchise, was released in North America in December 1998, and originally appeared in Japan in October 1996.

Three rare pokemon Mewtwo, Charizard, and master will be the topic of this article.

What is the worth of pocket cards?

Pocket monster card value Japanese ranges from anywhere between $1 to $500000. There is a significant gap in price across different card sets due to several reasons including the rarity of the card, the edition, and the number of cards that were first produced.

A first-edition Charizard in perfect condition may be valued anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000, even though its value hasn’t increased by all that much over the years and card collectors may be dismayed by this fact. The 1996 Mewtwo Japanese Pokemon Card Holo is the greatest of the pocket monster cards released in 1996.

It now has a price tag of $1500 and may be purchased. The Pikachu Illustrator card was the pocket monster trading card that fetched the highest price at the auction when it was sold. It was a PSA Grade 7 card that sold for $900,000 at the bidding. A first-edition shadowless holographic PSA 10 Charizard that was in perfect condition and sold at auction in October 2020 for the staggering price of $220,574.

How many pocket monster cards were made?

As of April 2024, there have been a total of 98 card sets made available for purchase in the United States, while in Japan there have been 91 card sets made available for purchase. Each of the 898 Pokémon that have ever been developed has a singular set of characteristics, which can be broken down into three categories: types, strengths, and weaknesses.

It should come as no surprise that the overall number of monsters in the game is always expanding, given that there are 18 distinct Pokémon species and eight generations of Pokémon, each of which originated in a different region of the world.

The number of participants, in addition to their overall impressiveness, will continue to grow as time goes on. The fact that there are now 34 billion Pokemon cards in circulation is evidence that card collecting has been a popular pastime for a very long time.

Which pocket card is most rare?

The Pokémon card that holds the record for the highest price anywhere in the world is also one of the rarest cards that have ever been printed. Pikachu Illustrator was given out as a prize by the Japanese magazine CoroCoro Comic to the winners of their contests in 1997 and 1998. There are a total of 41 copies of Pikachu Illustrator in existence.

These include the two copies that were discovered in 2020 by one of the game’s co-creators, Yuichi Konno, as well as the 39 copies that were awarded to the contest’s winners. The card stands out not just because it is ridiculously rare but also due to several other factors as well.

At the very top of the card, rather than the word “Trainer,” the word “Illustrator” is printed. This is the only card where this word appears. Youtuber Logan Paul bought a PSA 10 version of this card for $5.5 million.

How to know if your pocket monster card is real?

Look at the card. It is possible to see straight through a fake card when it is held up to the light. In contrast, some counterfeit cards are overly hard and polished. Having the incorrect size is also a red flag. Likewise, various materials may degrade in different ways, so watch for wear patterns that aren’t typical on older, “worn” cards.

The bottom of a fake card may not have a copyright date or the name of the artist. It’s a fake if it bends easily. The genuine cards are not made of paper. If you’re sure it’s a fake, cut a tiny hole in it. Make a small slit in an old Pokémon card that you no longer need. Check out their ripping speed. There is no question that the fake one ripped quicker than the real one.

Are cards available on eBay and Amazon?

Your quest of collecting Pocket Monster trading cards may start on the right foot with either eBay or Amazon. These websites are selling massive quantities of common cards as well as semi-rare and rare cards at affordable prices. Therefore turning into an excellent location for beginners to acquire base-building cards.

Any of these websites should be your first port of call if you’re on a tight budget. However, one disadvantage that comes from using these services is that there are not too many rare cards available for purchase. The quality of these websites is not very high when compared to other options for purchasing holo, reverse holo, full art, and limited editions of a card.

What are the abilities of pocket cards?

Abilities do not comprise attacks. You may use these unique abilities of a Pokemon throughout your turn. Any time before you hit, you may activate abilities. The ability’s instructions may be found on the card itself. You may be able to use an ability more than once each turn, depending on the card.

A card’s ability to be used several times in a turn is known as a multi-use ability. Some abilities are always active, while others may only be utilized while the Pokemon is in the “active” or “awakening” state.

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