Volcanion EX Card

 Volcanion EX Card is worth $58 USD in 2023 

EX cards are also called both heat and water cards which were part of the EX community. These cards were released in 2016 5th August. A total of 9 different cards were made which were the creation of Pokemon.

Volcanion EX Value

The current value of Volcanion EX card is estimated at $54 for the poor condition PSA 10 version, $56 for the average condition PSA 10 version, and $58 for the Mint condition PSA 10 version.

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EX art cards were part of the late family of cards that were launched right after the Saga series. The secret Ultra Rarity cards are the collectible cards and the sibling of Siege sets. The Siege sets were the Steam Eruptions cards that have nothing to do with the Fire Hp with 30% of inflicted burns.


  • HP: 180
  • Type: Fire
  • Attacks: Volcanic Heat
  • Weakness: Water x2

Card Worth: $58 USD

  • Released Year: 2018
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

There was a new policy of a EX that doesn’t allow the collector to have more than 1 Volcanic card. These cards have an Hp speed of 188 mph and these are the best for PVP wars. This card is the 721st member of the legendary series of decks.

It is the Alpha Sapphire card which means that it is the only card that has the Fire/water combos. 2016 EX cards are English expansion cards that were very unique.

Volcanion EX Card Price Chart 2023

What is the worth of Volcanion EX cards?

The worth of these cards depends on the quantity of the deck. The cards which are part of the Art series have relatively high worth because of the attractiveness that is injected into these cards. This card stands with a value of $50,000.

Over the last few years, the worth of these cards has increased. After these cards came to the Holo Art Volcanic cards, these cards had a worth $35,000. Volcanion EX secret rare cards are the lowest-worth cards with the price of $12000.

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How many Volcanic EX cards were made?

Out of 9 cards, there were 2 different types of cards that were made. The Secret Rare 114/119 cards were part of Pokemon. Saga was also the special edition cards that were likely to be a bit shiny and sparkling.

The other 7 cards were the Holo art cards, these Holographics cards were ranked as the #45 most beautiful cards that were displayed at the Promo. These 7 cards were divided into 13 decks that were sold.

Which of these cards were most rare?

The 1st edition of these 7 cards was just made perfect. What makes them rare is the fact that they were very limited in number and the holographic appearance of these cards makes them even more attractive.

This card belongs to the EY community and is also part of the legendary series. Volcanion EX card worth is what makes it even rarer with the starting worth of $20,000.

Are these cards available on Amazon or eBay?

Yes, some of these cards are available on Amazon, not the product of the same deck but later copies which were made are available on some of the selling sites. The copies of these cards are still available on other sites rather than Amazon. There are some series that have special cards that the collector can only buy directly from the community other than the sites.