Umbreon GX Card

 Umbreon GX Card is worth USD 69 in 2023 

The fill is the deck enthusiasts who specialize in these items. On April 5th, 2016, they were made available to the public. There were a minimum of 18 cards made available, and they were all from the EK group. These decks were the Japanese expansion/rarity after sequence #168. In 2009, gx Evolution first appeared, and it lasted until 2016.

Umbreon GX Value

The current value of Umbreon GX card is estimated at $60 for the poor condition Grade 3 version, $66 for the average condition Grade 3 version, and $69 for the Mint condition Grade 3 version.

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Version 142149 has the highest worth in the series of GX decks, firstly because of its water sobbing instinct it was considered very special and the card comes with a hp of 5 with a high attack level. Also because of the rarity level 12 and PSA 2/20 the card was the worthiest from the deck.


  • HP: 200
  • Type: Darkness
  • Attacks: Dark Call-GX, Shadow Bullet
  • Weakness: Fighting x2

Card Worth: USD 69

  • Released Year: 2020
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

Back in 2005 12 of these cards were released out of which 7 were the gold edition and 5 were the holo edition these holo were those with a weakness level of 3 which were recognized as noobs. Same as the gx price full art, with a worth value of $450. There were 13 sets of these tokens, each holding a different set of Secret guides. There is a continuity between these cards and the preceding gx card sets.

Umbreon GX Card Price Chart 2023

Type Poor Condition Average Condition Mint Condition
Ungraded $21 $24 $26
Grade 1 $40 $46 $52
Grade 2 $48 $52 $60
Grade 3 $60 $66 $69

What is the value?

The value of these decks is based on their inextricable link to the Pikachu franchise. When it comes to the manufacture of Pokemon cards, the value of an GX is at position #34. Those from the EX edition may take no less than $34000, while the EY cards are approximately twice as much. The series #178 EY cards are one of the most valuable sets, going for $75,000 at auction.

None of the other versions are quite as valuable, but they nonetheless fetch $9,000. There’s a risk that a rookie bundle won’t include any GX cards like the Umbreon gx rainbow rare, although there’s a good possibility that it will. If you purchase a themed bundle, you increase your odds of obtaining some. Buying a Pokémon GX box is the only way to ensure you’ll obtain any rare GX cards.

How many Umbreon Pokémon cards are there?

As of the XYZ update, Umbreon has appeared on 23 distinct decks in the Pokémon Collectible Card Series. Cards featuring Umbreon, a Stage 1 Shadow Pokémon, are uncommon. Out of the overall deck size of 18, there were two distinct varieties of cards distributed.

The first kind, called EX communities cards, was designed for four different collections, each of which included a reference board and a standard card. One of the cards in this pack is a Holo variant that looks distinct from the others. The most sought-after version of this Umbreon ex-stamp is the limited-edition first print run of only 1,000 copies.

The Shiny version was part of the leading series and this card came with certain identifications making sure that the collector is handling the original edition. The cards had a maximum of the copies that were in the market but the majority knew the real identifications.

How can you tell if GX cards are fake?

The typography on a genuine card will be sharp and clear. It is in the small type that a counterfeit’s inferior printing grade becomes most apparent. Check the card’s color scheme as well. See to it that all the hues have identical intensity. As 2016’s newest invention, either the Holographic or 1st version cards are very hard to come by due to their small print runs.

The stunning design and great interest in the Holo card contribute to the card’s rarity. Despite the series or chain, the remaining 1st edition decks are dependably highly sought after and valued. Since Umbreon full art got a maximum number of copies which is why it was necessary to outline some of the statements for the distinction. Make sure the background colors are faded equally with the right amount of white touch.

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Is the Umbreon Pokémon card rare?

Whenever threatened, Umbreon will shower the accused’s eyes with the deadly perspiration that it secretes from its openings. It is unusual to encounter this Pokémon outdoors; alternatively, you’re better likely to see it in the hands of a dedicated Master in a major city. Fake Pokémon decks are problematic for fans for more reasons than hardly violating The Pokémon Company’s copyright when printed or sold.

Counterfeit Pokémon decks have no value even though they could indeed be bought, traded, or used in legitimate tournaments. Talking the stage 1 Umbreon which leads towards the main deck that is considered very rare as well as the first-ever card to ban selling and trading. Trading of cards was seen as a violation of the prestige holders that alternatively ruins the identity of the card.