Titanic Cat

  Titanic Cat Value! Game is worth equal to a 5,000,000,000,000 diamonds for the normal version in 2024 

You can find the value of all the versions of the Titanic Cat Value pet according to the latest sales. Keep in mind that all values listed of Jolly & Hubert are in Gems which is the currency used in Pet Simulator X. The list below is updated till 2024.

Titanic Cat Worth

The current Titanic Cat value is 5,000,000,000,000 diamonds for the normal version.

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Pet worth: 5,000,000,000,000 diamonds

  • Released Year: 2022
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pet Simulator x

In the video game Pet Sim X, the Titanic Cat is an uncommon pet. Depending on the market, its valuation can change, although it is normally valued at least 5 billion gems. Such a wealth of jewels! You can either keep a Titanic Cat for yourself or sell it for a profit if you’re fortunate enough to acquire one.

The rarity of the pet, its stats, and the state of the market can all affect the Titanic Cat’s worth. But because it is a relatively uncommon pet, it usually costs a lot of gems.

Titanic Cat Value Chart 2024

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How rare is the Titanic Cat?

In the video game Pet Sim X, the Titanic Cat is an uncommon pet. It was first available from the Titanic Egg, which was a momentary promotion. This indicates that players must now trade for the pet because it is no longer available for purchase.

With a 0.05% drop rate, the Titanic Egg had a very low chance of producing a Titanic Cat. The Titanic Cat is an extremely uncommon and challenging pet as a result.

How can I get the Titanic Cat?

The most typical way to obtain the Titanic Cat is through a trade with another player. In the Pet Sim X trading discord server or on other trading platforms, you can locate gamers who are prepared to exchange their Titanic Cat.
Watch for it to be released once more: The Titanic Cat might be launched once again in the future. You will be able to buy it from the Shop if this occurs.
Win it in a raffle: The Titanic Cat occasionally has raffles. These giveaways can be found on the Pet Sim X social media pages or on other gaming portals.

How much is the Titanic Cat worth?

Because it is a highly uncommon pet, the Titanic Cat is expensive.

Its worth can vary between 5 billion and 10 billion gems on the present market. If it has strong stats or is a limited-edition variant, its value may be considerably higher.

Therefore, if you’re fortunate enough to get a Titanic Cat, you have two options: keep it for yourself, or sell it for a profit.