Super Corgi

 Super Corgi is worth 3.9 Billion Gems in 2023 

In Pet Simulator X, you can find the Super Corgi, an Extreme rarity animal. It was included in the Spring edition and is a new Corgi pet cosmetic. Approximately 2,300,000,000 diamonds are said to be the present worth of value psx. For a brief period, this pet is offered for sale at the Special store.

Super Corgi Value

The current value of Super Corgi is estimated at 3,900,000,000 for the normal, 7,000,000,000 for the gold version, and 9,000,000,000 for the Rainbow version.

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For one egg, it costs 800 Robux, and for three eggs, it costs 2,400 Roblux. For a complete list of pricing for each of the greatest pets in the game, go to our Pet Simulator X valuation list guideline. Following the launch of the Spring 2022 events, the pet was made available as a unique dog, and it may be born from the Unique Pets Eggs for 800 Reward points with a 50% probability, for a cost.

The Easter Celebration 2022 debuted the Private Pets Egg, which offered the Huge Super Corgi, an EXCLUSIVE animal. A 1.5% possibility of it reproducing existed. It is the pet’s Huge variation.


Pet worth: 3.9 billion gems

  • Released year: 2008
  • Rarity: rare
  • Game: pet simulator X

The card has multiple varieties starting from the normal, golden, and ending rainbow. Only the normal version of super corgi value huge is estimated at around 400,000,000,000,000.

This card is in the normal stage and has a chance of only 10% to convert into the golden card. You can increase the hatch rate of this card with the help of the upgrade by 50%. This is one of those cards which do not come with any dark matter. This one thing is for sure this card has the greatest number of retextures to be given to any other card.

Super corgi value chart 2023

NORMAL3.9 Billion 💎
GOLD7 Billion 💎
RAINBOW9 Billion 💎

How to get a super corgi in Pet simulator X?

To get a corgi you might have to trade in with a small corgi, at least 16 small corgis would make up one corgi. Since one corgi would cost you around 400,000,000,000 gems. Once your trade has been maximized with a minimum of 15 mini corgis you would have to find one of the unhacked mini corgi pets, this will help in changing the server of your game and get what you wish for and the corgi is worth money.

And this would also help you with earning diamonds at a 3x speed. If you get the corgi with this pattern you would also unlock the enchanting pet’s skill and this is one of the best features of your pet. Another pattern is to get in the search of the barn doodle egg and with the help of fast hatching you can get the egg.

More about the Pet

This exclusive pet is believed to be bought with a high number of diamonds and notes that this card can only be bought by trading. Once this pet is put into teamwork then you can deliver more damage than any other pet or move. The looks of this pet are based on the meme which once got famous the name of the dog meme, this exclusive corgi value is one of a kind that consists of textual data on it.

1st season corgi Gifts are virtual objects that each produce a different pet at random. By purchasing genuine Pet Simulator X cards from a retailer and using the provided code, you may get them. In-game awards, skins for scooters, diamonds, and other unrelated game items may also be found in gifts. Based on the item you purchase, the presents have various values. Various pets and opportunities are available for every rarity.

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Is super corgi the most mythical pet in a pet simulator?

Currently, Pet Simulator X’s greatest and most expensive legendary pet is the super corgi, which sells for roughly 120,000,000 in its Rainbows variation.

Can you get a POG corgi cat?

The Pog Egg is not available and is, sadly, randomly delivered. One Pog Egg is priced at 11 billion Dream Coins. The possibility that a Pog Cat will grow from the egg is 49%, which is fantastic news. Selling unwanted Pog animals is a good idea if you’re finding problems producing a Pog Cat.

What is the worth of the huge scary corgi?

Due to being extremely rare, the scary corgi egg has a chance of below 1% of being hatched and growing. Although you can buy it from the store for around 170,000,000,000,000 gems.

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What is the most valuable pet in pet Sim X?

Huge Storm Agony, which costs 1.2 trillion diamonds and could only hatch from unique pets’ eggs with a 0.5% probability, is the oldest, most expensive, and greatest animal in Pet Simulator X. It was included in the graphic world upgrade.

How do you get a corgi pog 2023?

The Pog Egg isn’t cheap and is picked at random. One Pog Egg costs 9 billion Magic Tickets. The possibility that a Pog Cat will hatch from the egg is 54%, which is good news. Purchasing unwanted Pog animals is a good idea if you’re finding problems hatching a Pog Cat and this can be found on the pet sim x super corgi value list.

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How do you summon a black Pegasus?

You require a pegasus feather to call your pegasus. Now that this wing can only be obtained via an admin command, regular gamers may still get one by dropping a regular feather onto a lake area surrounded by eight marble stair parts.