Starfall Dragon

 Starfall Dragon is worth 6 Billion Gems in 2024 

In the game, a tradeable, very uncommon pet called Star Fall Dragon may be acquired. It became available on April 1, 2022. The current cosmic value is claimed to be equivalent to 4,500,000,000 diamonds. The creature in the Pet Stimulator has an interesting appearance. The pet was based on the Trevisani Francis painting for Saatchi Art, which has a USD 1600 value.

Starfall Dragon Value

The current value of Starfall Dragon is estimated at 6,000,000,000 for the normal, 33,000,000,000 for the gold version, and 40,000,000,000 for the Rainbow version.

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By completing the eater challenges, there are several chances that you can get to have this pet without spending any of the currency. You can get the card in all three forms, and each one is 2.5% stronger than the previous one. Starfall Dominus is currently valued at an estimated 550,000,000,000 gems for the standard variant when exchanged for other pets. Yet because the animal is so fresh, we anticipate significant price swings.


Pet worth  4,500,000,000 diamonds

  • Released Year: 2022
  • Rarity: Rare

There is gold, rainbow, or dark matter accessible for this card, making it one of the select handful that is only accessible in one form. Moreover, you may only exchange the Dragon value of your pet if you own an aggregate of 800,000,000 diamonds. The card’s appearance is exactly like the alligator card’s.

It is well recognized that once this card was first made available and players were unaware of its availability, it led to a significant argument. Once you’ve got the pet, the card which grants you a reskin can only be obtained through fusing.

Starfall Dragon value chart 2024

Normal6 billion diamonds
Gold33 billion diamonds
Rainbow40 billion diamonds


You may obtain the uncommon pet by finishing the April Fool’s Day, 2022 edition of Pet Simulator and then reaching the 3 Seasons Elves. While certain creatures may be purchased from the Roblox shop with virtual currency, some must be purchased with actual cash. The Starfall is one of the strongest and most expensive pet breeds in video games.

How to get a Starfall dragon pet?

You may find the Starfall egg everywhere across the Starfall World. The egg cannot be transported until the alps are accessible. The price of the regular ones is around 9.25 million rainbow coins, while the price of the golden variant is almost 79.1 million rainbow coins. About 40T is thought to be the approximate overall worth of the HC Wolf.

The Patterned Pixel and Starfall eggs may have been used to birth the Wolf programs. Eggs have a 4% probability of developing without boosters. There are several types of pets, and each one has a unique set of values. The regular, gold, rainbow, and dark material versions of the cards come in a variety of values.

Is this the most expensive pet in the game?

This pet is reportedly the most expensive rare pet presently available, according to the Legendary Pets Worth Listing. In its rainbow state, it’s nearly twice as expensive as the Zephyr, which ranks second, at $4,000,000.

How do you get a big dragon in Pet Simulator X?

The Big-a-Tron device is required to create large pets. You must pay 10,000,000 gems to activate the huge generator in Spawning World near the bank. In order to know what is your pet’s Starfall size you need to visit the profile

How do you win the Starfall Crush pet?

A dragon is trapped in one of the squares until it is removed. It may be destroyed by placing candies nearby, pairing a color bomb with a standard dragon nearby, or by any special powers that make it to the Starfall. This technique must be used in as many instances as there are additional layers.

How much Robux is a mythic egg in the bee swarm simulator?

The legendary egg is listed in the Bee Wolf’s Classifieds and costs 100 gingerbread cubes and 500 sparkles. The legendary egg is available at the Roblox store for 1200 Robux.

Can you rebirth your Starfall in a pet simulator?

By selecting the “Revival” selection in Pet Ranch Simulation, you might increase your money multiplier and receive 10 Awakening Tickets. But be careful—resetting your lifespan will also delete any memory for your currency and ranch. You may view a 10-leading list of those who have experienced the “greatest rebirths” next to the egg sales counter.

More about the Starfall dragon

The Starfall Dragon is the oddest pet in the game since there is only one incredible variation of it. The first pet in the game that could be purchased using NFTs was the Enormous Dragon. With a starting value of over 150 trillion gems, the rare Dragon Mimicry is currently the most expensive creature in the videogame. It is also the most costly pet in the game as a result, making it valuable.

The dragon cosmic is also known for his special appearance during the Easter update, which ultimately makes it rare. For a brief period, Dragon may be purchased from the Unique marketplace. Each egg costs 800 Robux, while triple eggs demand 2,400 Roblux. In the history of the best cards, this is one of them, with a hit rate of about 13 to 15 percent. The pet value of a star fall dragon is known to be the highest in the trade when done with the use of Robux.

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