Slifer The Sky Dragon Card

 Slifer The Sky Dragon Card is worth $200 USD in 2024 

Slifer the Sky Dragon is a very renowned and famous sky dragon. This Japanese sky dragon is liked by a huge number of people. As this character is not only in Yugioh but is also in manga and anime series. This is the major reason why the sky dragon is very important.

In the manga and anime series, it is known and Holy person Dragon, and all other people who are into Yugioh are well aware that it is a sky dragon. The worth of this card is $6.34. The card is generally strong of the Egyptian God cards.

Slifer The Sky Dragon Value

The current value of Slifer The Sky Dragon card is estimated at $ 2.75 for the poor condition, $3.84 for the average condition, and $200 for the Mint condition.

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  • Level: 10
  • Type: Divine-Beast
  • Attacks: N/A
  • Defence: N/A

Card Worth: $200 USD

  • Released Year: 1996
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: YU-GI-OH

Slifer The Sky Dragon is known well since it’s a card Yugi goes to after he wins it. Slifer is strong in the fact that it requires 1,000 dangers and the guard focuses on each card the player has in their range. It additionally turns into the objective of every one of rivals’ belongings and being safe, removes 2,000 dangerous focuses from beasts in the position, and assumes that they are at 0 negative focuses.

Slifer The Sky Dragon Card Price Chart 2024

Lowest $2.75
Highest $200.00
Average $3.84

What is the worth of Slifer? 

Slifer the Sky Dragon didn’t show up until the Battle City Quarterfinals, where Yugi confronted Bakura in a Duel.  When Yugi Summons Slifer the Sky Dragon, he cleared Bakura out of one danger. On the other hand, the worth of Slifer the Sky Dragon is $22.12.

As you see in the Battle City Semi-Finals every asset, the situation was unique. Everyone went through certain turns changing the Slifer the Sky Dragon of an Egyptian God Card to protect.

Although there are many conflicts among other characters just because Sky Dragon got famous. The two beasts one another and the Duelists were left battling without their Egyptian God Cards.

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What is Slifer dragon’s price in 1996? 

Slifer the Sky Dragon was first launched in North America and didn’t been republished since that time. Also, the legendary collection of cards has amazing opportunities for its users. This Egyptian God Card can easily help you in wiring the game. Also Slifer the Sky Dragon can’t be utilized in a Duel, it’s a memorable piece of Yu-Gi. The dragon price is $12.3. Slifer the Sky Dragon showed up in the appearance of Yugi’s wildest enemy and a Rare Hunter named Strings who was heavily influenced by Marik.

At the point when Yugi had to confront it, he nearly lost all expectations. This had to decrease the other beasts to have a great win. These beasts have been dropped by the dragon sky.

Strings were additionally ready to carry Slifer’s ATK to upper levels. Since it requires $ 1000 for a single card. He had the option to place Yugi in a difficult situation.

What is the Sky Dragon price on eBay? 

These cards are easily available on eBay.  Slifer the sky dragon’s price on eBay is $6.47. The people who played the Yugioh Card Game were probably shocked when they experienced an odd rival.

The Yugioh Card Game has significantly improved in such a manner, as not many cards have at any point been prohibited in competitions. The cards from the Yugioh Card Game were restricted from serious play for being areas of strength excessively, flexible, or simply being too weird.

What is the limited edition price? 

The Yugioh Card Game sells huge boxes which have a unique card, coin, a few promoter packs, and various cards that you can use as fun. The Slifer the sky dragon limited edition price is $129.99. Three exceptional Kind-sized cards were made for the users.

The three beasts were the Unova starters Oshawatt, Snivy, and Tepig which highlighted artists that portrayed their work. You could customize these cards by giving each Yugioh a specific and unique name.

What is the holographic price? 

One of the primary rules of the Yugioh Card Game includes change. A Yugioh can’t develop. It is played if you utilize a particular card that sidesteps this standard.  It can develop and turn the Yugioh next structure. Also the Slifer the sky dragon holographic price is $9.54. These cards help the users to have a higher chance of winning the game. This card game is very easy.

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