Shadow Dragon

 Shadow Dragon from Adopt Me! The game is worth USD 65 in 2023 

This Dragon is a limited product and has huge value. It joined the game clan during the first week of Halloween on October 18, 2019. During its launch, it was purchase able but after soon it can only be obtained through trading. It’s worth it. This dragon is black and it has two appearances including a neon appearance and a mega neon appearance.

Shadow Dragon Worth

The current value of Shadow Dragon from Adopt Me is estimated to be USD 65. For the Neon version, it’s equal to the Giraffe and Frost Dragon, and for the Mega Neon version, it’s equal to the Equal to the mega neon Unicorn and Bat Dragon.

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Pet worth: USD 65

Type Pet
Rarity Legendary
Origin Halloween 2019 (Candy)

This pet in adopt me can be purchased for the cost of 1000 Roblox from the Game Pass menu or the graveyard trading shop. But now the purchase has ceased as the event has ended.

Shadow Dragon Value Chart 2023

Shadow DragonEqual to Bat Dragon
Neon Shadow DragonEqual to Giraffe and Frost Dragon
Mega Neon Shadow DragonEqual to mega neon Unicorn and Bat Dragon

How to get a Shadow Dragon?

Initially, the dragon can be purchased but now you can only get it by trading. It has become so famous that about 1861 offers are live on AdoptMeTradingValues for the regular version. Meanwhile, the Neon version saved 213 offers. Moreover, 137 offers are present for the Mega Neon version currently.

What is the most valuable huge pet in adopting me Roblox?

This is one of the most expensive pets. It costs $24.99 to buy the dragon on Amazon. It is the dream pet of about 4155 users. It is the most loved pet in the Roblox Adopt Me and is second to only the candy canon.

For how much shadow dragon is bought?

The Dragon is bought for about 1000 Roblox or 65$. The marketplaces for pets vary from Adopt Me to Amazon and eBay.

What other pets can account for as ordinary mimics of the pet?

The ordinary mimics for the dragon can be giraffes and frost dragons. The Frost and shadow dragon in adopt me are quite competitive. But these dragons are the rarest and most unique. Many people wish to have them in their games. One shadow dragon is worth 2-3 frost dragons. The neon version has even more demand than mega frost.

How can you get the neon edition?

One way to get the neon edition is to buy it online. Since the Halloween event has stopped it is the only way. People are buying this Dragon at a very higher rate than any other pet. It can be purchased from Adopt Me and eBay and Amazon as well.

Most powerful huge pet in Roblox Adopt Me:

In 2023, this Dragon has topped all the other pets on Roblox Adopt Me. After it, the coming ones include Giraffe and Frost Dragon. Llama and Monkey King.

Interesting facts about the Pet:

It is not hidden from everybody that the dragon has become everybody’s favorite pet. It has become so famous that people are purchasing shadow dragon stuffed animals for their kids. While the adults are keen on its fan art.

There are plenty of tricks that you can do with the shadow dragon. These tricks are upgraded as the dragon grows from Newborn, Junior, Pre-teen, Teen, and Post-Teen full-grown. It is black so the people who love dark-themed aesthetics will love its appearance. Another unique feature is its breath trick when it’s fully grown. Meanwhile, the neon and mega-neon versions of the dragon are very popular as well.