Scary Corgi

 Scary Corgi is worth 500 Million Gems in 2023 

You could hatch the Pet Simulator X-only Scary Pet Corgi from the Halloween gift. Without enhancements, the probability of it hatching is predicted to be approximately 49%. In October 2022, it was launched as a component of the Halloween celebration.

Scary Corgi Value

The current value of a Scary Pet Corgi is estimated at 500,000,000 for the Normal, 983,000,000 for the Golden, and 1,800,000,000 for the Rainbow version.

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You may either play for an hour to receive one for free or purchase the Halloween present from the Exclusive Shop. The “Huge Corgi” is a large version of it. Because it is a temporary pet, it won’t be as common in the future. The starting cost for the Normal edition of Pet Corgi is now 500,000,000 gems.


Pet worth: 500,000,000

  • Release Year: 2022
  • Rarity: Legendary

Dark matter and the shining pet are among the several rarities. If you would like to know exactly how large a corgi is, you may use the gadget that can be obtained by exchanging your corgi card for 24 hours.

Scary Corgi value chart 2023

Normal500 Million
Gold983.3 Million
Rainbow1.8 Billion

How to get Scary Corgi?

It was possible to get a Scary Pet Corgi during the Halloween 2022 celebration. With a 49% hatch rate, it was born from a Halloween gift. Halloween gifts are available for purchase for 1,200 Robux or can be earned for free by playing for an hour. Scary Pet’s value in November was less as it was just released and was around 100 million.

One can momentarily obtain this by purchasing Odd pet’s eggs from the Special store. The total cost on Roblox is around 800 diamonds, with the possibility of receiving only one of them, and 2400 for double opportunities.

What is Scary Pet Corgi?

In the game’s 2022 Halloween Event, players may receive the Scary Pet Corgi, an exclusive pet. With a probability of 49%, the Halloween Present may have been gotten. Companion I being Unique is one of its two enchantments. As a result, the animal will always have 50% of your finest pet’s strength. The Enormous Corgi, a large variety of this pet, is available.

What is the current demand for Scary Pet?

The Corgi is presently in moderate demand. It indicates that a few gamers, but not many, are seeking this pet. Research indicates that this pet’s value is currently constant, therefore there won’t be much of a shift in price.

What is the appearance of Scary Pet Corgi?

With its distinct design, bright red eyes, and scary face, Corgi has a terrifying presence. Despite its frightening look, a Scary pet is a useful pet to own because it has high stats that make it a powerful ally in combat and an excellent tool for gathering gems and cash.

What are the stats of Scary Corgi?

Scary pet Corgi is a strong pet in battles because of its great stats in the game and distinctive look. 70,000 money, 30 jewels, 20,000 agility, 20,000 strength, and 20,000 mental power are among its basic characteristics. It also has a unique ability called Fright, which may instill terror in enemy pets and diminish their stats.

Scary pet Corgi may be developed and leveled up in the game much like other pets to further boost its stats and skills. To further improve their effectiveness in combat and the gathering of money and gems, players may also outfit their pets with a variety of accessories.

What is the special ability of Corgi?

Scare, a special skill of Scary pet Corgi, may make opponent pets fearful and lower their stats. When Corgi activates its special ability, a purple cloud surrounds it, and all nearby enemy pets are subject to its effects.

The speed, power, and mental power stats of the targeted enemy pets may be decreased for a certain amount of time via the Fright ability. This makes this a useful pet to have in a player’s collection since it can provide it and its friends with a tactical edge in combat.

How is the price of Corgi influenced?

The worth of this pet in Pet Sim X can vary depending on various factors such as market conditions and demand. Scary Corgi is a highly sought-after pet in the game due to its rarity and power, and its value can change over time.