Scary Cat

 Scary Cat is worth 1 Billion Gems in 2023 

You might get Scary pet Cat, a PSX-only pet, from the Halloween presents. Without enhancements, the probability of it hatching is predicted to be approximately 49%. In October 2022, it was launched as a component of the Halloween celebration.

You may either play for an hour to receive one for free or purchase the Halloween present from the Exclusive shop. Like the “Big Cat,” it has several different skins. Because it is a restricted pet, it will eventually become uncommon.

Scary Cat Value

The current value of Scary Cat is Around 400,500,000 gems serves as the beginning price for the Normal edition of the Cat, while the Rainbow version’s price jumps to 1,850,000,000 gems.


Worth; 1,000,000,000

  • Release Year: 2022
  • Rarity: Rare

When sold at the trading post, the Scared Cat now has a beginning value of roughly 999.8M gems. There are fresh items in this pet card because it is one of the most recent entrance pets.

Also, it merely has single skin, and as soon as additional skins are made, they are often posted. It is quite unusual to get a pet card with cartoonish money, but if you do, you may replace the identity card with a card that has twice its value.

Scary Cat Value Chart 2023

Normal1 Billion
Gold2 Billion
Rainbow5.9 Billion

How to get Scary Cat?

A scary pet Cat was obtainable at the Halloween 2022 celebration. With a 49% hatch rate, it was born from a Halloween gift. You need to obtain one of the Halloween event eggs to obtain a Scary pet and, for that reason, Scary Corgi.

There are several methods to get them. The first and simplest one is just for playing the game for an hour. The second option is to purchase these eggs for 1200 Robux, which will give you 10 Halloween-themed presents.

How to get Huge Cat?

It is possible to acquire an Enormous Scary pet during the Halloween 2022 promotion. It has a 1% hatch rate and may be produced from a Halloween gift. Halloween gifts are available for purchase for 1,200 Robux or can be earned for free by playing for an hour.

What is the hatch rate for PSX Scary pet?

Both the hatch rates for the Scary pet and the Huge one are available. A scary pet is an extremely uncommon variation of a pet cat. These pets’ hatch rates are listed below.

  • Scary Pet: 49% Hatch Rate
  • Huge Version: 1% Hatch Rate

How was a scary pet cat added to PSX?

Like many video games of its kind, the game receives updates regularly. With each upgrade, the game gains new pets that keep it feeling new and engaging for both experienced players and brand-new players. The most recent of them is the Halloween patch, which has given PSX access to several pets with suitably frightening themes. We have the prices for the Cat and Scary Corgi, two of the critters you can purchase in PSX, right here.

What is a Huge Cat?

In Pet Simulator X, you may get the Exclusive rarity pet known as the Huge Cat. The standard form of huge Scary pet value is currently at an estimated 60,000,000,000 diamonds. Without enhancements, it is thought to have a 1% probability of hatching. On the other hand, the golden huge scary cat’s value is 100 Billion.

In October 2022, it was launched as a component of the Halloween celebration. The “Best Friend” magic, which is present in the Bigger form, makes it as powerful as your greatest pet. This pet is a Cat skinned differently.

What is the difference between Huge and Scary Cat?

The “regular” and Large versions of Scary pet Cat are available. First of all, the huge version is rarer and more difficult to obtain. Second, these enormous dogs have the “Best Friend” charm attached to them.

How does Scary pet Cat look in the game?

While a frightening or frightful cat may not be a common selection for a pet simulator game, certain Pet SIm Ograms provide pets that are more “spooky” or unusual-looking, including frightful cats with blazing eyes or cats with pointed teeth. These pets could be aesthetically pleasing to players who like a Halloween or horror theme because they were created to match such themes.

Try Huge Lucky Cat

How is the worth of a Scary pet affected?

Scary pet Cat can be a restricted-time pet that is only accessible for a short time as it was a pet launched during a special Halloween update. Because of its increased rarity, it may become more desirable to those that aim to amass every pet in the game.

Also, gamers who like Halloween or frightening themes may find pet cats more appealing due to their distinctive appearance and probable special skills or behavior. This could raise its worth from the perspective of certain gamers who desire a unique and distinct pet for the game. But ultimately, the value of Scary pet Cat in Party Dog Roblox relies on the tastes and interests of each player. Some gamers might not like the eerie theme or presentation.