Red Eyes Black Dragon Card

 Red Eyes Black Dragon Card is worth $20 USD in 2023 

Red eyes black dragon cards are the Summon Ritual cards “ Order of Black Dragon ”. these cards were made to give tribute to the monsters. This dragon is virtually invincible and constantly faces defeat. The cards were released in 2002 and a total of 24 cards were made which belong to chain #176.

Red eyes black dragon has a rarity in the legendary collection with the creation of YU-GI-OH. These cards have a Dark attribute along with a level 7 grade. These cards were introduced in Millennium Pack 1.

Red Eyes Black Dragon Value

The current value of Red Eyes Black Dragon card is estimated at $ 1.25 for poor condition, $3 for average condition, and $20 for Mint condition.

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  • Level: 7
  • Type: Dragon
  • Attacks: 2400
  • Defence: 2000

Card Worth: $200 USD

  • Released Year: 1996
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: YU-GI-OH

This card series is known to be the second strongest card. Red dragon sdj-001 is the only card with the creative stamp of YU-GI-OH. It is a very violent dragon card with an attack level of 2400 points and a defense of 3000 points. Rex Raptor was the original creator of this series and also the main collector.

The deck comes along with 4 basic guide cards for the guidance of different moves and combos. According to the Japanese expansion this card is also known as the Metal Black Dragon. This dragon has a strong attachment to the historical events of the series.

Slifer The Sky Dragon Card Price Chart 2023

Lowest $1.25
Highest $20.00
Average $3.00

What is the worth of Red-Eyes Black Dragon?

All of these 24 cards hold a great worth, these all are the Auction type cards that show their high worth. Beginning from the Red dragon Mint 9 which is one of the 1st edition cards worth $56,000.

Red eyes black metal dragon is one the 1st basic guide card to be introduced in the Millennium deck which is why this card has a high worth and withstand a value of $75,000 thirdly the card which marks the end of series #176 was also the last creation of YU-GI-OH “ The Evil Hero Black Dragon” with the worth of $67,000.

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How many Red-Eyes Black Dragon cards were made?

Out of 24 cards, there were 7 different cards made. Basic cards also known to be the guide car were 4 in number and they were printed in a way that represents more of the description rather than the YU-GI-OH appearance.

2 cards were the part of the Malefic red eyes black dragon which were the Sacred Cards and they were used for the final combo to defeat the opponent’s card with a higher damage difference. These 2 cards were not common and they were found one after the other with a difference of 5 months.

Which of the Red-Eyes Black Dragon cards was the rarest?

All 24 of these cards are given the title of Premium Rarity cards. Among them is the card with the ranking of #2 rare card also known as the Japanese black dragon. This card has the instinctual quality of being the most powerful creation of the Japanese cards series also in the YU-GI-OH community as well.

Only one of these cards was made which makes it even rarer and high in worth. Since this card was getting high in demand the creators had to create more copies but this decision didn’t reach the implementation and failed.

Are these cards available on Amazon or eBay?

Cards which are this much rare are not available on any of the selling sites. Some of the basic cards were known to be present on some of the selling platforms but with time they were sold. Cards belonging to other chains were extremely rare and only seen at the Auctions, they were sold there at high prices.

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