Rayquaza EX Card

 Rayquaza EX Card is worth $1583 USD in 2023 

Rayquaza Pokemon cards are known to be the rarest and most famous cards with a total of 37 cards ever made. The cards were made after the release of the Pokemon dragon conqueror, these cards hold great value.

The cards are formed in two quality structures, either colorless type or the Monster type card. Among these cards, the most famous card is the EX dragons exalted. It may not be the strongest but yet the rarest one it is. The first deck of roaring skies of Rayquaza was released in 2001 which was from the EX series.

Rayquaza EX Value

The current value of Rayquaza EX card is estimated at $695 for the poor condition PSA 10 version, $700 for the average condition PSA 10 version, and $722 for the Mint condition PSA 10 version.

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  • HP: 170
  • Type: Dragon
  • Attacks: Celestial Roar, Dragon Burst
  • Weakness: Dragon x2

Card Worth: $1583 USD

  • Released Year: 2018
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

Out of 37, there is only one Holographic Rayquaza card released. The single existence of this holo card makes it incredibly rare. Ex is known for its shiny structure and for every 20 rare Rayquaza cards there is one Mega shiny ex.

This card is known to be a new addition to PTCGO coverage and the best card of  2018 storm set events. Whereas the basic ex is a non-English card and one of the rarest Japanese cards to exist. Rayquaza as a Pokemon holds great importance as it appeared rarely and was only witnessed in big events.

Rayquaza EX Card Price Chart

What is the worth of Rayquaza’s different cards?

Rayquaza released in the form of Roaring skies has great worth, a rayquaza 75/108 keeps a price tag of $300 and is available in very limited quantity which is owned already.

The ultra ex which was released back in 2001 and 10 in quantity is usually witnessed only in Auctions that are held around the World, with a beginning price of $250,000. Rayquaza full art EY was a part of the chain of mint grade, also very rare, which is present in Holo form. Though the Holographic is 1 in quantity, it doesn’t make it any more expensive since it’s part of the Roaring skies 76 and has a price tag of $90.99.

The Ultra Rayquaza EX and EY which are available only in Emerald Break at Japanese expansionary have English card no. of 76/100 and have a great worth with starting price tag of  $120,000. The Rayquaza which is part of the Mega shining TCG doesn’t have any worth since they were abandoned and declared as “Waste” by the Pokemon exclusively. At last, Rayquaza shiny ex price increased rapidly after the ending of Mega shine TCG and raised the cost to $150 from $20.

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How many of the ex-cards were made?

With a total of 37, ex-cards made 17 of them were known to be Ultra shiny cards which are part of the EK 75/108, this chain is the rarest and also the most expensive which comes in shiny texture with great demand.

10 of the Mega NM which were wasted were rated as #75 and were the production of TCG. One of the top rare, the Holo mint grade stands #13 rank and is the only Holo to be made.

Japanese mega ex contains 4 of the Gold shiny cards and 5 of them are a part of the Holo ex rarity, this is how all the 37 cards are made. The Gold shiny cards and the Holo ex rarity both are ranked #12 and are part of the EX community.

Which of the cards are the rarest?

Out of 37 cards 9 of the cards which are the Gold shiny cards and the Holo ex rarity are rated as the top #12 ranked rare cards.

Besides their release source and the uniqueness what makes them even rarer is their structure. The beauty of the Holo ex rarity has no competition whereas the shine of the gold cards is very attractive.

Secondly, this character has appeared very less in the anime except for some big events, and having such a rare card of this type of character makes it even more unique and rare. The presence of ex 98/98 does not affect the rarity of these cards since they hold their importance. Also that the cards of the EX community are awarded one star which makes them as a pair more strong.

How to know if your ex-card is real or not?

Cards of the EX community have the same way of checking to ensure if it’s real or not, back in 2002 there were many cases of the selling of fake Rayquaza cards. First, they were checked by only observing the texture but when the fake cards also started coming with texture it became difficult and then EX cards came with a scan code to check whether it was original or not.

But later all the holders of the Rayquaza cards were listed on the internet which stopped the buying of the fake Rayquaza cards. Since they were already less in number that is why people became very well aware of the scam, especially the shiny ex.

Is this card available on Amazon and eBay?

Unfortunately not. Due to being very less in quantity and being very rare people can’t get them from any of the sites and secondly all of the 37 of them are with their holders.

Hence none of them are available on sale except for the Auction that is held twice a year and according to the reports in every auction held there were a total of 3 cards to be sold and after 2008 no Rayquaza card ever came into Auction. It is the rarity of the card that doesn’t let the owners sell them at any cost.

What are the abilities of the Ex-card?

Rayquaza does not own any ability except that it has control over the weather change. Two moves can be played with the card, the first attack which is called Twin storm is applied on two colorless cards this move delivers up to 30 points of attack, and after implementing with two other basic cards it finishes the opponent card.

Due to these ender moves this character was shown very less and only fought some of the legendary opponents. Whereas Rayquaza as a Pokemon character has various attacks.

More about the Rayquaza

There’s little doubt EX is among the greatest formidable and sought-after GX cards ever. The cards conquered the 2018 European Championship, and it is still being used in high-ranking Pokemon Online Worldwide Championships lineups now.

EX is likely to be used in conventional play until it is no longer allowed due to its numerous simple methods and to load a tonne of energy into the card, as well as its capacity to draw a big quantity of cards in a hurry.

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