Rainbow Unicorn

 Rainbow Unicorn is worth 6 Billion Gems in 2024 

Exchanges with other players in Pet Simulation X would get you access to the unique creature known as the unicorn. In its largest form, the pet is quite rare. The price of the unicorn basic form has increased to 8,500,000,000 gems. The pet might be obtained from each egg in the video game during an event that lasted from July 21 to July 29, 2022.

The Diehard update didn’t go live at 2.5 million views as planned on Roblox.com, so the developers replied by introducing this special pet. Approximately 1 in every 2.5 million fertilized eggs may contain the pet.

Rainbow Unicorn Value

The current value of the Rainbow Unicorn pet is estimated at 6,000,000,000 for the Normal, 49,000,000,000 for the Golden, and 65,000,000,000 for the Rainbow version.

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The Hardcore update didn’t go live at 2.5 million visits as planned on Roblox.com, so the developers replied by creating this special pet. Approximately 1 out of each 2.5 million produced eggs may contain the pet. With Pet Sim X’s Moonbeams variant, the animal prices 325 billion gemstones, while the Normal and White Gold versions cost 65 billion diamonds. You can check the latest worth on the huge unicorn value list.


Pet worth 6,000,000,000 diamonds

  • Released Year: 2012
  • Rarity: Rare

As the worth is solely valued extremely high for the money, the card is exclusively obtained for the regular edition of the pet. Hence the unicorn values huge increases along with the rarity. With the Moonbeams edition, the pet costs 325 billion gemstones, while the normal edition costs 65 billion diamonds.

The rainbow unicorn value of the card, which would only be extremely high for the gold, is only obtained for the regular edition of the creature. The broken shells may also be explored for a higher probability after purchasing the rainbow at a charge per tonne.

Huge cat value chart 2024

NORMAL6 Billion 💎
GOLD49 Billion 💎
RAINBOW65 Billion 💎

How to get the Rainbow unicorn pet?

You probably need to swap in a little unicorn for a big unicorn because one pet is made from a minimum of 16 tiny rainbows. Considering that a unicorn would set you back about 400,000,000,000 diamonds. To change your player’s location and obtain what you want including a tiny unicorn that is worth money you must locate a single of the unpatched miniature unicorn animals after your transaction has been maxed with at least 15 of the little pets.

Also, doing so will enable you to acquire gems at a 3x faster rate. Perhaps one of your animal’s finest qualities is the ability to be an enchanted pet when you acquire a unicorn with this design.

How is this the most valued pet of the game?

The Puppy Simulator’s highest pixel frequency range is 1.2 trillion gems. The nests for the hatching special pets have been modified. 0.5% of eggs have this probability. The worth of the mythological pet known as the “pixels monster” is displayed in the bitmap upgrading. The pet’s egg has an HC pixel demonic number. The likelihood of a hatch is about 0.0075%.

What size is a rainbow pet unicorn?

Roblox promotes itself by letting users collect coins and gemstones for in-game transactions. The biggest pet in the gameplay is called the giant pet, and it is usually bigger than other creatures.

The enormous pet worth is accounted for in PSX and is now priced at 540,000,000,000. There are several huge unicorns, such as the Colorful unicorn and the Platinum Huge Cupcake. Several common domestic pets have also been subject to myth and folklore.

How rare is this Pet?

Yet, it drops out extremely infrequently only 1 in 20,000. It has seemed a sense that the possibilities are limited given that there is very little probability (0.005%) that you will get the pet. Sadly, Pet Sim X only offers the activation of the present reward present rewards activation as a way to obtain this particular pet.

Once you complete a specific minigame, they are still there! To get Jack o’ Bonnie, you should finish the FNaF 57 Minigame whilst collecting all 9 rainbows. You can take most of it, but if you remove all of it, he won’t be released.

Is the unicorn good for attacking cupcakes?

As it can withstand attacks from Red enemies like Hole, One Hat, and Humble Boy, among others whilst simultaneously being harmed, this cat, a Kotatsu unicorn for Red enemies, is very useful for halting the progress of Red adversaries. Employ this unicorn in levels when there are a lot of Red assailants, like the enormous cupcake in the March patch, for a tactical advantage.

Is Huge Rainbow unicorn still obtainable?

In Pet Simulation X, all you have to do to have a chance of getting a pet is crack open any egg. Although the likelihood is extremely small, if you happen to have a lot of extra cash, you would be in a position to purchase one eventually.

Who was the first pet in Adopt me?

That the very first creature in Adopt Me is designated as the Blue Dog. It was accessible for a while after the animals emerged, and it marked the initial appearance of one.