Rainbow Pixel Demon

 Rainbow Pixel Demon is worth 200 Million Gems in 2024 

Rainbow pixel demon was released in 2021 with a pet worth of around 9.25 million. The fantastical pet, which can be cloned from the rainbow pixel egg, was decided to add to the Pixel World upgrade. The current starting value is around 250 million gems. The pixel demon is one of the event’s most powerful pets.

Rainbow Pixel Demon Value

The current value of Rainbow Pixel Demon is estimated at 200,000,000 for the normal, 500,000,000 for the gold version, and 873,000,000 for the Rainbow version.

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Pet worth: 200 Million Gems

  • Released Year: 2021
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pet Simulator x

Pixel Demon has a present price of roughly 7,250,000 gemstones as a beginning point. There are some other gems 201,000,000 gems with the dark matter version.

The mythical pet hatch two eggs and has released the pixel world update. The birthing role of the speckled pixel egg is still about 0.000826% while that of the rainbow pixel egg is approximately 0.0098%.

Rainbow Pixel Demon Value Chart 2024

NORMAL200 Million 💎
GOLD500 Million 💎
RAINBOW873 Million 💎
Dark Matter1 Billion 💎

How to Get Rainbow Pixel Demon in Pet Simulator X?

There are different percentages associated with the hc pixel demon value. The base chance of hatching is estimated to be around 0.0008 % from a spotted Pixel Egg, and the next is around 0.0098% from a rainbow pixel egg. Different damages associated with the Pixel Demon include variants including the Regular, Golden, Rainbow, and dark matter.

The regular version, including the pet, costs around 7.47 trillion changes, while the golden version has an estimated value of around 23 trillion transitions. While the pixel demon has to deal with 57.4 trillion in damage.

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What is the highest value pet of Rainbow pixel?

The most valuable and highest hc pixel demon value is around 250 million gems. This is the value that the Pet Simulator sold the pixel demon.

How rare is it to pull a rainbow?

The rare rainbow value is around 3.6 % and 4.5 %. This is the estimated cost of getting one rainbow rare starter box.

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How many rainbows’ pets are there?

There are a total of thirteen rainbow-rare. The rarest among them is the multiple double rainbows. There are several rainbows in an identical location at the exact time.

What was pet sim X’s release date?

The release date of Simulator X is falling in 2021. This simulator is the best game developed by the pet simulation 2 franchises from Roblox.

What are the chances of hatching a pixel demon in PSX?

The chance of hatching the Hell Egg is around 0.19 %. This is the lowest chance of getting the egg hatched. It is among the simplest mythical to spawn and there is only one reskin right now.

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Can we get mythical by fusing?

The fusing equipment accepts reserves of 3 to 12 pets in return for various pets. Two types of pets can’t be obtained from the machine: Mythical and exclusive pets.

What will be the debut value?

The debut date will be revealed in the future releases of Pixel World. This pet is in high demand and includes normal pixels, golden, rainbow, and dark matter. There are different values associated with these demons. The pixel Demon is a mythical rarity pet. This is said to the second-rarest class.

The hatch rates of these eggs are extremely low, and you can buy a pixel Demon from the traveling merchant and the mystery merchant. Amount of rainbow pixel demons The Rainbow Pixel Egg may be used to spawn pet sim x values. The egg is located in the Pixel World.

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