Raihan Card

 Raihan Crown Zenith card is worth $0.3 in 2024 

Prepare to harness the power of dragons with the Raihan Crown Zenith Pokemon card! Raihan, a dragon-type Gym Leader, brings his might to this stunning card. The provided values for Raihan are in US Dollars, the most commonly used currency for Pokemon card transactions. The following details are accurate as of 2024.

Raihan Crown Zenith Value

The average value of a Raihan Pokemon card is $0.30. Sold prices range from $0.25 to $0.35.

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  • Type: Pokemon

Card Worth: $0.30 USD

  • Released Year: 2024
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

Unleash the dragon’s might with the Raihan Crown Zenith Pokemon card, valued at $0.30 in 2024. This Rare card captures the essence of Raihan’s powerful presence as a dragon-type Gym Leader.

How rare is the Pokemon card?

Raihan Crown Zenith falls into the Rare category. As the leader of Hammerlocke’s Gym, Raihan’s cards are sought after by collectors for their rarity and stunning artwork.

How to check which set it belongs to?

Raihan Crown Zenith is part of the 2024 Crown Zenith set. To confirm the set, check the card’s release year, which is 2024. Look for set-specific symbols or logos on the card for additional confirmation.

What is the worth of the Pokemon card?

The average worth of a Raihan Crown Zenith Pokemon card is $0.30. Its value reflects not only its rarity but also the significance of Raihan as a formidable character in the Pokemon world.