Pot of Greed Card

 Pot of Greed Card is worth $20 USD in 2023 

In the gaming area, a few characters or game cards gain fame. The justification behind which everything started is rarely known. These Yugioh cards play a very important role in the whole game. As it increases the chances of winning the game. Even if it’s physical or digital, these cards are worth it. It helps its players in easy form.

Pot of Greed Value

The current value of Pot of Greed card is estimated at $ 1.25 for poor condition, $3.00 for average condition, and $20.00 for Mint condition.

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  • Level: 7
  • Type: Spell card

Card Worth: $6600 USD

  • Released Year: 1996
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: YU-GI-OH

This Pot of Greed is a card that Yugioh card is very famous for. The trading game Yu-Gi-Oh has it. It also allows the players to form 2 extra cards from the deck. And the original pot of greed price is $23.40. So having a collection of such cards is a great deal.

Pot of Greed Card Price Chart 2023

Lowest $1.25
Highest $20.00
Average $3.00

What is the value of a pot of greed? 

To know how much a YuGiOh card is valued you want to look into its base worth online. There are a few sites that show costs and continually update their data.  However long there is interest for cards, they will constantly be valued.

The exchanging game initially began in 1996 and is still ongoing. However, these Yugioh cards will be worth a lot of cash in the future. But that doesn’t imply that each card will hold its worth! Overall the pot of greed value is $25.99.

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What is the 1st edition pot of greed price? 

The First Edition of the pot of greed card from the Structure Deck is a Common. Yugioh started back during the ’90s as a week-by-week short in Shonen Jump by 1999 the TCG game had been released in Japan. Yugioh has proceeded to become one of the top games in the world and has now launched around 20 years of cards around the world.

The prices of these cards are fixed from the start. So no matter what the price range is not going to raise. The 1st edition pot of greed price is $42.92.

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