Pop Cat

 Pop Cat is worth 3 Billion Gemsin 2023 

Pop Cat is a newly released rarity pet that will be available soon in Pet Simulator X. It was introduced as an Exclusive Egg pet during the 2023 Valentine’s Event. According to estimates, it is accessible from the Exclusive Egg and has a 50% chance of hatching.

It was made accessible as a component of the Axolotl Ocean upgrade. The creature is the tournament’s most resourceful pet and is included in the Axolotl update. The orca can hatch from a gleaming Axolotl egg. If you empower the Deep Axolotl Ocean, you will be capable of getting an egg comparable to this.

Pop Cat Value

The current value of the Pop Cat in Pet Sim X is estimated at 3,000,000,000 for the Normal version.

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The enormous cat represents a unique pet in Pet Simulator X. It has a 15% likelihood of showing up in Incredibly huge Machine Egg 1. The Hellish Axolotl pet can be purchased from the Axolotl ocean shop in Ocean World. This category includes Normal and Golden Shiny Axolotl Eggs. There aren’t any eyes, no nose, and nothing else; the design is unusual. It is currently very popular.



Pet Worth: 3,000,000,000 Gems

  • Released Year: 2023
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pet Simulator X

The animal is said to have a gleaming body type and extraordinarily fascinating enchantments that are kept secret when the unique skin is not attached. You can obtain a unique pet by having completed Pet Simulator X’s December Day, 2021 edition and then reaching the 3 Yearly Elves. PSX pets can only be purchased with actual cash, while others can be obtained with fictitious money through the Roblox store.

Pop Cat Value Chart 2023:


How to get Pop Cat?

Pop Cat can be gained by hatching an Exclusive Egg 9. (Meme Egg). This can be actually bought for 400 Robux each from the Exclusive Store. Purchasing three eggs will cost 1,200 Robux while purchasing ten will cost 3,200 Robux.

What is the difference between the Huge version?

This huge cat is a pet that can be obtained through an exclusive rarity in Pet Simulator X. It was added on February 4, 2023. Your Orca is larger than many other pets due to its quick spawning. None of the gamers need to be concerned about the pet’s condition because it has the highest buddy functionality, which usually ensures that it is big and powerful when paired with complementary competence.

What is the size of the values in this game?

Roblox’s Pet Simulator X promotes itself by letting people collect money and precious gems for use in-game. The enormous pet is the largest species in the game and is frequently larger than some other species. The enormous pet value was determined in PSX and is currently worth 225,000,000,000.

Is this the first pet of the game?

The blue dog was the very first pet of the game, and one of the species of pop cat recognized to have been the beginning phase pet that was presented.

What is a broken egg in Adopt Me?

The Cracked Egg is a well-known dish in Adopt Me!. It was accessible all through the Easter Event by declaring its existence from the Cloud Castle’s pinnacle (2019). Although it served no purpose at the time of the event, a Pet Egg would have been provided to the player if they obtained it after talking to Eggburt at the game’s booth.

What is the special ability of this cat?

The pet differs from the other creatures in the game due to a variety of special abilities. Its primary ability allows it to jump into the air and deal damage to opponents. Furthermore, the pet has a one-of-a-kind passive skill that boosts the total amount of steam achievements (XP) gained from immersed activities.