Pixel Wolf

 Pixel Wolf is worth 2 Million Gems in 2023 

A world-famous pet called Pixel Wolf was introduced to the pixel world. The Rainbow Pixel Egg can hatch into a pixel wolf. The Wolf was released in 2009 with a pet value of around 11 billion gems. The overall value of the current starting value moves around 787 thousand gems. The Wolf is an iconic pet that you can get from pet simulator X.

Pixel Wolf Value

The current value of Pixel Wolf is estimated at 2,000,000 for the normal, 10,000,000 for the gold version, and 1,000,000,000 for the Rainbow version.

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In the pixel notification, the press has been introduced. The overall value obtained from the current Wolf value is around 1,000,000 diamonds considered for non-HC versions. While there are 40,000,000 gems for wolf dark matter


Pet worth: 2 Million Gems

  • Released Year: 2009
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pet Simulator x

It can be obtained by hatching the Rainbow Pixel Egg. Through Pixel World is where you can find the Rainbow Pixel Egg. The rule explains of the pet costs about 9.25 million rainbow coins and the golden edition charges about 79.1 million. Other pets from the egg include the Pixel Pink Slim and Pixel Demon.

Pixel Wolf Value Chart 2023

NORMAL2 Million 💎
GOLD10 Million 💎
RAINBOW1 Billion 💎

How to get Pixel Wolf?

Throughout the Pixel World, you can discover the Rainbow Pixel egg. The pixel alps must be unlocked before the egg can be brought. The ordinary ones cost about 9.25 million rainbow coins and the golden version costs about 79.1 million rainbow coins. The total worth of HC Wolf value is estimated to be around 40T. This same Rainbow Pixel egg and the Spotted Pixel egg can both be used to hatch the Wolf pet simulation software.

The chance of hatching eggs without boosts is 4%. There are different pets and different values are associated with those pets. The values range for the normal, gold, rainbow, and dark matter version cards.

What are rainbow pixel Wolves worth?

The hc pixel wolf cosmic value range from about 1.5 M to 8.5 M depending on the type of pixel pet in Roblox.

What is the most valued pet in PSX?

The most pixel value range in the Pet simulator is 1.2 Trillion diamonds. This is the updated version of the hatched exclusive pets’ eggs. Such eggs have a chance of 0.5 %

What is the Pixel Demon Value?

The pixel creature is a mythical pet for whom the value is shown in the pixel upgrade. Hc pixel demon value can be obtained from the Rainbow pixel egg. The hatch chance is around 0.0075%.

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What is the rarest pet in the game?

The rarest hc pixel demon value among the games is the Monkey King. Its  rarest pret in Adop Me.

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Who was the first pet in Adopt me?

The Blue Dog is classified as the first pet in Adopt me. It was available for a period when the pets came out, and it was the first time that one came out.

How much does a reskin worth?

The re-skins are new pets practically which is why they cost a lot and have a low drop chance. The pixel wolf is a legendary pet in the simulator X. It has the re-skin of the storm wolf.

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