Pink Egg Adopt Me

  Pink Egg Adopt Me! Game is worth equal to a Neon Dancing Dragon in 2023 

You can find the value of all the versions of the Pink Egg Adopt Me pet according to the latest sales. Keep in mind that all values listed of Jungle & Mega Neon are in Pet trades or comparisons to other pets which is commonly used in the game Adopt Me. The list below is updated till 2023.

Pink Egg Adopt Me Worth

The Pink Egg is a Rare Pet from Special. It is currently worth a little more than the Neon Dancing Dragon. It is currently worth a little less than the Golden Gift. It is currently about equal in value to the Ghost Vehicle.

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Pet worth: Equal to Neon Dancing Dragon

  • Origin: Farm Egg
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Game: Adopt Me!

Adopt Me’s Pink Egg is a rare, limited-edition egg that was available immediately following the Pets Update. This egg was automatically added to the inventory of players that took part in the Pet Countdown event.

Only a rare Pink Cat could develop from the pink egg. There was only one egg per player allowed. Now, the only way to get this egg is by trading.

About one neon dancing dragon or one golden gift is what the pink egg is worth. It is a Special Rare Pet.

Pink Egg Adopt Me Chart 2023

PetRarityTrading Value
Pink CatUncommon3.5-4.5

What is a Pink Egg worth in Adopt Me roblox?

In Adopt Me, a Pink Egg is roughly equivalent to a Neon Dancing Dragon or a Golden Gift. It is a Special Rare Pet. A Pink Egg’s worth might change depending on how popular the pet is. The price of Pink Eggs will rise if there are several buyers. However, the value will decrease if fewer individuals are searching for Pink Eggs.
The following things have values that are comparable to those of Pink Eggs:
Dragon Neon Dancing Golden Gift
Bright Kangaroo
Arctic Fox Neon
Black Panther in neon
You should be prepared to trade some other rare pets or things in exchange for a Pink Egg.

What does the Pink Egg hatch into?

Only a rare Pink Cat can hatch from the Pink Egg in Adopt Me. The Pink Cat has blue eyes, a pink bow tie, and is a light pink cat. It is a well-liked pet that is frequently exchanged for uncommon pets.

Following the release of the Pets Update, the Pink Egg became available. This egg was automatically added to the inventory of players that took part in the Pet Countdown event.

Currently, trade is the only way to obtain the Pink Egg. You can hatch a Pink Egg to get a Pink Cat pet if you’re fortunate enough to receive one. The Pink Cat is a pricey pet that you can exchange for other uncommon pets.

How do I get a Pink Egg?

Adopt Me’s Pink Egg, a unique restricted egg that was only available briefly following the Pets Update, was released. It is currently only accessible through trade. You can either try to discover someone who is giving one away or trade other rare pets or stuff for a Pink Egg.

To obtain a Pink Egg, follow these advice:

Keep trying, and be persistent. Finding someone who will swap their Pink Egg can take some time.
Conduct research. To make sure your offer is reasonable, check the most recent trading values.
Be prepared to provide something worthwhile in exchange. You will need to give something equally precious in exchange because Pink Eggs are expensive pets.