Pet Sim X Values List [2024] | High Worth Pets

These pets that are available in Pet Simulator X are of an exclusive family and each of the pets carries its value and worth. Some of the pets are available only at the time of some great events such as Halloween, Christmas, and in the harvesting season when the pet’s eggs are harvested and cracked.

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The pets are of great worth when you are making a trade with any other player and even the game suggests to you what could be the best receivables in return. You can learn everything about the pet sim pets x value list gems on the internet along with their priced value. Most of them may start from the value of $34B gems and onwards.

The best thing about these pets is that they offer many things that other normal gamers don’t receive, also that since they are available in different versions such as gold and rainbow and also a normal edition making the collection elite.

Values List 2024

PetsValue 💎
Galaxy dragon41 Billion
Mushroom king4 Billion
Hell chest mimic5 Billion
Stock monkey65 Billion
Huge festive cat15 Billion
Huge hell rock45 Billion
Super corgi33 Billion
Huge cupcake14 Billion
Huge pegasus44 Billion

What do we know about the Galaxy Dragon?

  • Drop chance 0.985

Every five hours there is a possibility that this pet may drop from the Santa bag, however, it only occurs once a year during the festive occasion of Christmas. The pet was entirely dependent on event rating when it was first introduced.

Huge dragon is now in its third generation, and don’t ignore that this pet also exists in a highly challenging-to-obtain epic variety. This is one valid reason to set a high value for this special pet. The exp pet sim x value gets updated regularly so make sure to review it.

What makes the Mushroom King so special?

  • Drop chance 2.5%

The pet comes in several variations, from standard to golden to rainbow. The worth of just one regular super corgi is estimated to be 400,000,000,000,000. Only 13% of the time does this pet, which is now in the regular phase, turn into a golden one. Only with the support of the upgrades, you may raise this pet’s hatch speed by 50%.

One thing is for sure compared to other pets, this has the most textures available. Once this comes to the gamer’s hold there is a great chance of getting many skins unlocked as per the Roblox value list.

What is the worth of the Hell Chest Mimic?

  • Drop chance 0.99%

The finest feature of this pet is the “value” characteristic, which raises the pet’s value and makes it easier to get the diamonds you wish to make trade. The pet battles on the battlefield against a lot of tougher pets due to its very high value. If you want to turn the colorful pet into dark matter, which isn’t currently accessible, you can still achieve it with the aid of trading gemstones and stars, which are often out of your range.

We’re pointing to the projected 85,000,000,000,000 value of this pet. As a part of the everyday reward program, the gift numbers reserved for this pet are 11 and 12 for pet sim x value list diamonds.

How do you tell if the Stock Monkey is rare?

  • Drop chance 12%

There is no gold, rainbow, or dark matter possible for this pet, making it one of the handfuls that are only obtainable in one form. Moreover, you may only exchange the pet if you own a total of 800,000,000 diamonds. The pet’s appearance is exactly like the crocodile pet’s.

It is well known that when this pet was first made available, players had no knowledge that it had ever been released, which resulted in a huge controversy in the game. Once you have the pet, the pet will only be obtained through combining, and it grants you the ability to reskin a sock monkey.

How do you get a Huge Festive?

  • Drop chance 1.99%

From the discord the pet is regarded as a large edition at the time it is obtained since it is in the shape of a giant pumpkin cat. Your pet grows in size once you obtain it from two unique eggs. Assure the debts are deserving and valued enough before you exchange the pets since there is no option to get them back.

With the Jolly egg, the hatching rate increases with pet strength, reaching a maximum of 49%. Whenever a cat is acquired, make sure to give it the finest holiday name. The selling value of the Huge Festive Cat with the Colors version is reportedly above 300,000,000 diamonds.

Check Huge Hell Rock

How to obtain the Huge Hell Rock?

  • Drop chance 45%

Because the worth of Huge Hell Rock is extremely high for the gold, the pet is exclusively received for the regular form of the pet. The special feature of this pet is that it grants you the ability to raise your closest buddy, giving you access to the strongest pet.

The pet includes one of the greatest values and a very high probability of hatching in every egg, particularly those that have previously been broken. To increase your chances, you may also purchase crushed rock at a per-ton price and begin examining the broken eggs.

What are the different variations of the Super Corgi?

  • Drop chance 33%

Just like the axolotl update the pet comes in several variations, from standard to golden to rainbow. The worth of only the regular super corgi is believed to be over 80,000,000,000,000. Exactly 15% of the time this pet, which is now in the golden stage, turns into a rainbow.

Through the benefit of the upgrading, you may improve this pet’s hatched speed by 30%. Super corgi doesn’t offer any of the dark matter pets. There is no doubt about the fact that this pet requires the fewest retextures of any other pet.

Try Dark Matter Hellish Axolotl

What is the worth of the Huge Cupcake?

  • Drop chance 12%

The finest feature of this pet is that it has a unique feature called “pet value” that raises its value and makes it easier to exchange it for other items to gather diamonds. The pet has an extremely high value and fights in the arena alongside several bigger pets. If you want to turn the rainbow pet into dark matter, which is now available for this pet, you may achieve it by exchanging gemstones and jewels, which are often out of your power.

What do we know about the value of the Hippo Melon?

  • Drop chance 25%

Known to be the legendary pet stands with a value of 115,000,000,000 and it has the attributes just like those of pet sim x value list huge hell rock.

The pet is only gained once your heaven egg is hatched.

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