Party Dog

 Party Dog is worth 625 Million Gems in 2023 

Party Dog is a pet that is only available in PSX and may be hatched via the Update Hype Gift. Without any boosters, there is an 80% probability that it will hatch. You can only get this pet if you are online in the game for five minutes just before the update the gift can also be traded.

Party Dog Value

The current value of the party dog pet in Pet Sim X is estimated at 625,000,000 for the normal, 983,000,000 for the gold version, and 7,500,000,000 for the Rainbow version.

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The standard form of Party pet is currently valued at approximately 100,000,000 diamonds. The value of this pet has diminished in comparison to other Exclusive pets since it cannot be employed in the Huge-A-Tron Machine.


Worth: 625,000,000

  • Released year: 2022
  • Rarity: Rare

According to research, party pet value is currently stable, so the price is not expected to change much. However, in the future, you may find great changes in the prices. There are various opportunities to obtain this pet without paying any dollars by performing the following tasks.

Each of the four versions that you can obtain the card in is 2.5% tougher compared to the preceding one. On the existing markets, the regular variety of Party pets is projected to be worth 350,000,000 gems when traded for other pets. Yet given that the creature is so young, we expect big price fluctuations.

Party dog value chart 2023

Normal625 Million
Gold983.3 Million
Rainbow7.5 Billion
Dark Matter10 Billion

How to get Party Dog?

Update Hype Gifts may be used to get a Party pet. Getting into the game as the next patch is being counted down will get you this item. Players will receive it when the timer for the countdown hits five minutes. The Wild dog pet simulator programs could have been created using the Textured Byte and Party pet eggs. 4% of eggs will likely grow without accelerators.

There are many different kinds of pets, each with a particular collection of qualities. The cards are available at a range of prices in standard, gold, rainbow, and dark material variations.

These critters are contained in the egg:

  • Party Dog
  • Party Pig
  • Party Dragon
  • Huge Party pet


In December 2022, it was made available as a part of the Anime update. It features more than three different skins and a large version. The Hype Gift is now in low demand and may be swapped with other players.

How much is a party pet worth?

Party pet presently fetches roughly 700 million gems at the trading post. These are the official settings for trade servers on Discord. A rainbow is valued upwards of 7.5 billion gems, while the PSX golden Dog is worth between 850 million and 1 billion gems, per the current trade plaza pricing. However, the party pet cosmic is 100 million.

How many gems is a huge dog worth?

Huge party Dog is a unique rarity pet that can be acquired in the game through trade. It is the party pet in a large form. The standard form of Big Dog is currently valued at an estimated 800,000,000,000 diamonds.

Why is the party pet liked so much?

The dog is a recently added animal to the PSX Roblox game. It has quickly gained popularity due to players liking the look and gameplay of the party pet. Also, its gold and rainbow skins are something to look for and bring about special benefits.

What is the history of the party pet?

This is a relatively new addition, so it has a meager history. This card is based on the simple dog card. One of the three initial pets you can select when the game first starts is a dog; the other two are a cat and a bunny.

The Axolotl, Cat, and Dog are the three characters in the game with the most skin variations.

What is a huge dog?

The Huge Dog is an exclusive pet. With a 0.1% possibility, it may have been received via the Update Hype Gift. It has a special Best Friend charm that makes it tougher than your greatest pet no matter what. Also, it contains a chance enchantment.

What can you do with your party dog in the game?

Gamers may alter the look and attire of their dog to match their particular preferences. Connecting with other players online is one of Pet Simulator X’s most distinctive features. Players may communicate with certain other pet parents across the globe and organize and attend digital parties with their pets thanks to this feature.

The social component of the game gives the experience an additional level of depth and immersion and creates the impression of a true community.

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How is the value of the dog influenced?

The scarcity and distinctiveness of the pet in Pet Sim X also affect how much it is worth. While there are many various dog breeds available in the game, the Dog is a special breed that was created to be a party animal. For gamers who wish to stick out and leave a mark at virtual gatherings, this makes it an attractive pet.