Party Cat

 Party Cat is worth 1 Billion Gems in 2023 

This is a marketable, extremely rare pet that can be obtained in Pet Simulator X. On May 1, 2022, it became accessible. It is stated that the present cosmic worth is comparable to 3,600,000,000 diamonds. It’s fascinating to see how the animal in the Pet Stimulator looks. The animal was modeled from Johnson’s artwork for Deviant Art, which is worth USD 1800. By beating Pet Simulator X’s June Summer’s Day, 2022 version, and attaining the 7 Seasons Elves, you can get the rare pet.

Party Cat Value

The current value of Party Cat in Pet Sim X is estimated at 1,000,000,000 for the Normal, 2,000,000,000 for the Golden, and 4,800,000,000 for the Rainbow version.

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Certain animals can only be acquired with real money, while others may be bought through the Roblox Market with simulated money. The value is the same as the rainbow party cat value, which has the perspective of rainbow colors.


Pet worth: 1 Billion Gems

  • Released Year: 2022
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pet Simulator x

The design of this pet is an identical copy of the duck pet. It is commonly known that this pet caused a huge dispute in the gameplay when huge Party Cat initially became accessible and opponents were ignorant of its accessibility.

Each of the three versions that you can obtain for the pet is 5% tougher compared to the previous one. When traded for similar pets, the huge cat is currently worth an average of 350,000,000,000 gemstones for the normal version.

Party Cat Value Chart 2023

NORMAL1 Billion 💎
GOLD2 Billion 💎
RAINBOW4.8 Billion 💎

How to get Party Cat?

The party egg might be located anywhere in the skyscraper city. The egg can indeed be moved until it is possible to visit the mountains. The standard ones cost approximately 10.25 million dark pieces, while the platinum variety costs nearly 79.1 million dark tokens.

Can you get a POG Party cat?

Unfortunately, a randomized egg is provided because the Egg is not accessible. The cost of a cat egg is 9 billion token coins. The good thing is that there is a 66% chance that this Cat will hatch from the egg. If you’re having trouble generating this cat, it would be a great idea to sell any undesirable cat pets.

The pet’s egg has a less than 1% chance of hatching and developing because it is so uncommon. Even though it costs almost 98,000,000,000,000 gemstones to purchase from the shop.

How do you summon a black Pegasus?

To summon your pet, you need a pegasus feather. Ordinary players could nonetheless receive this wing, even though it can only be acquired by using administrator control and releasing an ordinary feather into a lake region encircled by nine concrete staircase components. The value of the gifts varies depending on what you buy. At each rarity, a variety of pets and possibilities are accessible.

Is this a powerful pet?

After this enchantment, the pet should get the same strength as your hardest pet overall. The huge party kitten is the third creature in the PSX. This huge cat is extremely expensive and costs millions.

What is the breeding rate of the party cat egg?

The Egg of Endless Presents and the Crazy Xmas Egg are supposed to produce cats at a rate of 0.00005 and 5%, respectively, every generation. All “large” animals come with the unique appeal of “Greatest Pal” from birth.