Party Axolotl

 Party Axolotl is worth 293 Million Gemsin 2023 

Five types of party axo pets are currently available in the pet simulator x these are normal, normal shiny, golden, rainbow party axolotl, and the dark matter party pet. Every level of this party pet has its own respective cost and the number of gems to be obtained. To find this axolotl pet in the PSX one should obtain an axolotl hype gift.

Party Axolotl Value

The current value of this Pet is estimated at 293,000,000 for the Normal, 1,000,000,000 for the Golden, and 2,000,000,000 for the Rainbow version.

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As this is an event rarity pet so its demand is high because the chances to get this pet is low to grab this pet in this game a person should wait for a certain amount of time to hatch this axolotl pet from the hype gift. Due to the high demand one can find it easy to trade and when you want to complete a certain pet collection in the game you need all the rare and epic pets in your collection and this pet is one the rare ones in the PSX.



Pet worth: 293 Million Gems

  • Released Year: 2022
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pet Simulator x

This axolotl pet is a new addition and the importance of this pet is quite high because it is an Event rare pet. The Axolotl got introduced in the pet simulator on February 2023. To get this you should log into the simulator five minutes before the next update and then you will receive a gift in which the pet will be available.

Party Axolotl Value Chart 2023:

NORMAL293 Million 💎
GOLD1 Billion 💎
RAINBOW2 Billion 💎

How to get the party axolotl?

To get the party pet axolotl in the PSX you need to do certain steps to achieve your desired result and you need to have patience and should have some idle time as well. To hatch this pet you need to log into the pet simulator five seconds before the new live update and this pet will arrive in the axolotl hype gift one second before the next live update of the game.

After these steps, you hatch eggs and there is an 80% chance that you hatch your desired party version. Now when the hatching is complete now you have added an exciting epic new rare pet to your pet simulator collection you can either show it in the collection or you can trade this pet for a high value and its demand is high because it is an event rare pet. The most costly version of this pet is around 4800,000,000 gems which are worth it due to its rarity in this game.

How much is the party axolotl in pet simulator x?

The current value of the party version in the PSX is 120,000,000 gems for the base normal variant of the pet while the other variants cost more due to their uniqueness.

Where to find this Pet?

To collect this pet one should wait for a certain amount of time this pet is found in the axolotl hype gift which can only be obtained seconds before a live update. The egg will appear after the gift and the party version pet are hatched.

What is the cosmic value of the shiny huge version in the PSX?

The cosmic value of the pet shiny huge party axo in the PSX is around 110,000,000,000 gems while its demand is 6/10. So this shiny huge party axo is quite valuable if you want to do trading.

What is the golden axolotl pet value?

In the PSX, the value of this version of the party axo is higher than the normal base version and the normal shiny version cost 360,000,000.

What is the rainbow version value?

In the PSX, the value of this version of the party axo is higher than the normal base version, and in the normal shiny and the gold version the cost of the rainbow variant is 1440,000,000.

What is the huge version value?

In Roblox, the normal version of the huge party version is around 125,000,000,000 and the gold huge party version costs around 375,000,000,000 and its final variant the rainbow one costs 1500,000,000,000 gems.