Noivern Card

 Noivern Silver Tempest card is worth $0.11 in 2024 

You can find the price and worth of Noivern Silver Tempest Pokemon Card according to the latest sales on various platforms like eBay & Amazon. Keep in mind that all values listed of Noivern Holo & PSA are in US Dollars which is commonly used all over the world. The list below is updated till 2024.

Noivern Silver Tempest Value

The average value of a Noivern Pokemon card is $0.11. Sold comparables range in price from a low of $0.08 to a high of $0.14

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  • HP: 140
  • Type: Dragon

Card Worth: $0.11 USD

  • Released Year: 2024
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Game: Pokemon

Noivern Silver Tempest Pokemon card is valued at $0.11 in 2024. With 140 HP and a Dragon type, it’s an Uncommon card that brings a powerful presence to your Pokemon TCG collection. Noivern is known for its high-speed flight and sonar-based attacks.

How rare is the Pokemon card?

Noivern Silver Tempest is classified as an Uncommon card, making it more scarce than Common cards but still accessible. Collectors value Uncommon cards for their unique attributes and playability.

How to check which set it belongs to?

Noivern Silver Tempest belongs to the 2024 Silver Tempest set. To determine the set, check the card for the release year, which is 2024. Sets often have unique symbols or logos for easy identification.

What is the worth of the Pokemon card?

The average worth of a Noivern Silver Tempest Pokemon card is $0.11. Its value reflects its status as an Uncommon card with competitive features, making it a desirable addition to any collection or deck.