Nature Dragon

 Nature dragon is worth 6 Billion Gems in 2023 

In pet sim when this nature pet dragon was first launched it was under the name of forest wyvern after some time the name changed and became a dragon pet. The demand for the dragon pet is quite high everyone wants to grab this pet immediately as there is no other level than the normal one, there is no gold version, etc. 

Nature Dragon Value

The current value of Nature Dragon in Pet Sim X is estimated at 6,000,000,000 for the Normal version.

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The dragon pet can be obtained after hatching an exclusive pet egg and the chances without boosters are not much. The chance to hatch a dragon from the exclusive pet egg is about 35 % which is not very satisfactory.


Pet worth: 6 Billion Gems

  • Released date: February glitch update 2022. 
  • Rarity: Exclusive. 
  • Game: Pet Simulator X.

In the PSX during a glitch update, this pet was added in the simulator the dragon pet is exclusive, it is one of the rarest pets, and the dragon pet has one other huge variant and the name is huge forest wyvern. The nature pet dragon can be hatched through an exclusive pet egg. In the game, like any other pet, this pet also has some value the cost for the only available normal version is about 3,100,000,000 (3.1 billion) gems. It has no other type and its price is stable.

Nature dragon value chart 2023

Pet levelCost (gems)

How to get a nature dragon pet?

A forest wyvern after some time becomes a dragon. To get this pet you must possess an exclusive pet’s egg but the chances of that are low they are about 35% even if you hatch the exclusive pet’s egg.

There is a huge version of this pet up for grabs as well its name is huge forest wyvern pet.  This pet is one of the rare pets.

What is this pet’s cosmic value?

Every pet has its cosmic value and being one of the most exclusive pets its cost is high, the cosmic value is about 2,500,000,000 (2.5 billion) with a value change of 500 million.

What are the chances of hatching a dragon pet?

The chances of hatching this pet are very low due to its rarity the chances of hatching are about 35%, which is not very satisfactory. But the demand for this pet is 6/10.

What is the difference between a nature dragon and a forest wyvern?

There is no difference between these two pets because when the pet dragon was first launched in the Roblox it was named forest wyvern but after the glitch update the name forest wyvern became nature dragon.

What is the nature pet dragon value?

The pet value is good and it is an exclusive rare pet up for grabs. There is only one version of this pet available which is normal and valued at 3,100,000,000 (3.1 billion gems).

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Is there any other variant available?

Yes, there is a huge variant of this pet available in the PSX the other variant is called the huge forest wyvern. The pet’s old name was forest wyvern.