Mushroom King

 Mushroom King is worth 54 Billion Gems in 2023 

This pet was launched in Pet Simulator X on August 25, 2021, as part of the game’s update to version 4.0.0. The update introduced several new features and additions to the game, including the quest, new pets, and new areas to explore.

Mushroom King Value

The current value of Mushroom King is estimated at 54,000,000,000 for the Normal version.

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This pet can be seen as a symbol of accomplishment and can be valued by players in different ways. Some players may be willing to trade pets or items for accounts with a high value, although the value of such trades will depend on individual negotiation between players.


Pet Worth: 54 Billion gems

  • Released Year: 21 August 2021
  • Rarity: Rainbow
  • Game: Pet simulator x

Additionally, completing the MK quest requires players to have strong and well-equipped pets, which can help them progress further in the game and earn other rewards. The quest also provides a challenge for players to overcome and can be a source of satisfaction and enjoyment for some players.

Mushroom King Value Chart 2023

NORMAL54 Billion 💎

How to get the mushroom king?

The Mushroom King can be obtained by completing the quest. Here are the steps to complete the quest:

  • Go to the MK NPC located near the spawn area in the Mushroom Forest.
  • Talk to the MK NPC and accept the quest.
  • The quest requires you to defeat 10 NPC versions and 1 Giant version.
  • King Mushrooms can be found throughout the Mushroom Forest, while the Giant King Mushroom can be found at the end of the forest.
  • Once you have defeated all the required mushrooms, return to the NPC and claim your reward.
  • The reward for completing the quest is the Pet.

What is the purpose of this Pet?

The King in Pet Simulator X serves as a measure of a player’s progress in the game. It is obtained by completing the quest, which requires players to defeat several King Mushrooms and a Giant King Mushroom in the Mushroom Forest.

Having a higher number of these pets indicates that a player has completed the quest and defeated the required number of mushrooms, which in turn shows that the player has spent a significant amount of time and effort playing the game.

Is the quest difficult to complete in Pet Simulator X?

The difficulty level of the quest in Pet Simulator X can depend on the player’s skill level and the pets they have available. However, the quest is generally considered to be of moderate difficulty. To complete the quest, players must defeat 10 King Mushrooms and 1 Giant King Mushroom in the Mushroom Forest.

The King Mushrooms are not very difficult to defeat, but the Giant King Mushroom can be challenging for some players. Players will need to have pets that are strong enough to defeat the mushrooms, as well as the ability to dodge attacks from the mushrooms. It is also important to note that the Giant King Mushroom has a lot of health, so the fight may take some time to complete

Is it mandatory that you should have a specific pet to obtain the Pet? 

No, you do not need to have a specific pet to obtain the King in Pet Simulator X. However, it is important to have pets that are strong enough to defeat the King Mushrooms and the Giant King Mushroom in the Mushroom Forest. Having a variety of pets with different abilities and strengths can be helpful when completing the quest.

Pets with high damage and health stats can be useful for defeating the mushrooms, while pets with fast movement can help players dodge attacks. It is also important to note that having pets that are at a high level and have been upgraded with gems can also be beneficial when attempting to complete the quest.

What is the difference between Mushroom King and other pets?

The main difference between the King and other pet values is how they are obtained. The Mushroom is earned by completing a specific quest, while other pet values are earned by improving the stats and abilities of individual pets.

Additionally, while the King value does not have a direct impact on gameplay or trading, other pet values can be used to trade pets or items with other players in the game.