Morpeko VMax Card

 Morpeko VMax Card is worth $26 USD in 2023 

The torpedo Vmax is a lightning-type pokemon card. It was originally a part of the Sword & Shield expansion pack for the base game when it was first released. This card was first introduced in the Japanese Shield expansion as a part of the Sword & Shield set as a Regular.

It later became available as a Secret Rainbow Rare in the same expansion. Shining Fates was an expansion that was first released in Japan’s VMAX Special Set.

Morpeko VMax Value

The current value of Morpeko VMax card is estimated at $23 for the poor condition PSA 10 version, $25 for the average condition PSA 10 version, and $26 for the Mint condition PSA 10 version.

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  • HP: 90
  • Type: Electrici
  • Attacks: Circle Circuit, Thunderbolt
  • Weakness: Fighting x2

Card Worth: $26 USD

  • Released Year: 2018
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

The expansion included artwork that was created by PLANETA Mochizuki and utilized in the expansion. The “Full Belly” mode of Morpeko may be seen in this image. The presence of a Vmax card suggests that it provides further benefits.

Morpeko VMax Card Price Chart 2023

What is the worth of a Vmax card?

The cost of the trading cards will be determined by several criteria including the card’s PSA rating as well as the card’s edition and whether or not it is a special edition. The Vmax is a highly developed form of the original Morpeko, and as a result, it has superior statistics.

As a result, there’s a bigger market for it. This particular card has a higher price tag than the standard Morpeko playing cards. The Vmax rainbow price is more than $65 and this is a rare version of the card which was only made in little quantities.

Another card is the Vmax PSA 10 which is a card that is completely flawless in perfect condition, hence has a much higher price. This card sells for closer to $30. Vmax 38/72 has a price tag of $10 which is the same as Vmax shining fates price.

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How many Vmax cards were made?

This card comes under the category of being one of the rarer ones in the deck. These were only made in a small amount and there was a high demand for them because of this. The Vmax 80/202 is an example of a card that belongs to this category and is one of the variations of this card.

February in the year 2020 saw the beginning of sales for this set, which had a total of 216 cards. The number of these cards that can be bought right now is not a particularly large percentage of the total available.

This is one more piece of evidence suggesting that not a very large quantity of these cards was first printed and that there is not a very large quantity of them now in circulation. Close to 1000 copies of this card were produced during the first run of manufacture, according to a rough estimate.

Which of the Vmax cards is most rare?

The morpeko Vmax 80/202 card is the most sought-after and exclusive variant of the Vmax set. As was just said, this item was only made available in several 216, which is considered to be rather low. Due to its scarcity, this card has a premium price tag of $50.

Another card that falls into the very rare category is the rainbow rare Vmax. Because there is such a limited supply of this card because it was only created in an edition of 300, the price of this card is now $40.

How do you know if your Morpeko card is real?

If you want to be a collector of Pokemon cards, you must be able to tell the difference between a fake card and a legitimate card. Fake cards are notorious for having subpar production values and often include a print quality that is far inferior to that of a genuine card. Both the text and the images can be a little bit fuzzy. In addition to having reflective fronts, fake chase cards sometimes include a somewhat reflective back as well.

Examples of such cards are full art trainers and V/VMAX cards. The authentic VMAX cards will all include textured holofoil, which was a feature that was only available on “Secret Rare” cards in the previous series of trading cards. In addition, the holofoil of Rainbow Rare cards and Gold Ultra Rare cards now have a new glitter effect, and trainer cards may now be printed in holofoil as well. Holofoil choices have also been added.

Is this card available on eBay and Amazon?

NO, online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon are wonderful resources for acquiring cards of lower levels. The Vmax card is not a common card like the rest of the Pokemon cards; rather, it is a rare card that is very difficult to acquire. Users will discover that the majority of the items listed on Amazon and eBay have been purchased and are no longer accessible to buy.

What are the abilities of a Morpeko?

The Sword & Shield expansion introduces a new kind of Pokémon called VMAX, which is a Lightning-type Pokémon. It only has one ability, but its damage potential is 180 for Max Discharge, and it does an additional 20 damage to each of the opponent’s benched Pokemon. This makes it quite a formidable VMAX card, even though its HP is lower than other VMAX cards at 300 and it only has one ability.

Since Pokémon VMAX is an evolved form of Pokémon V, it naturally possesses a higher total number of Hit Points, making it one of the most potent cards that may still be legally used in games. When an opponent’s VMAX Pokemon is defeated, they are awarded three reward cards rather than just one. Even after being affected by the effects of certain cards, Pokémon VMAX is still considered to be of the V generation.

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