Monster Reborn Card

 Monster Reborn Card is worth $20 USD in 2024 

This is one of the most important card names as Monster Reborn. It was aired in Super Rare, having the first booster pack. This monster reborn permits you to gather any suitable monster in either player’s memorial park. 

Monster Reborn Value

The current value of Monster Reborn card is estimated at $ 1.25 for poor condition, $3.00 for average condition, and $20.00 for Mint condition.

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  • Level: 7
  • Type: Spell card

Card Worth: $6600 USD

  • Released Year: 1996
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: YU-GI-OH

It also allows you to utilize your most grounded monster against them. This uncommon Yugioh card is powerful to such an extent that it’s as of now in the limited segment.

Monster Reborn Card Price Chart 2024

Lowest $1.25
Highest $20.00
Average $3.00

What is the 1st edition price? 

Its 1st edition monster reborn price is $6,600. These YuGiOh card cards are the first batch of the printing set. The card numbers mentioned on the cast show a different identity of each character. These rare cards help the players in winning the game.

These cards are specifically designed for its players keeping in mind the game strategy. 1st edition cards are always said to be king cards. All the cards are worth it because all of them have great value. Yugioh cards are very important throughout the game as they play a very important role.

In case one card is missing you can’t play the game. As all cards are worthy of being in the game.1st edition cards are always said to be king cards. 

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What is a monster reborn at an ultra-rare price?

This monster reborn ultra rare price is $9.04. This card is the most used Yugioh card. People who have a collection of Yugioh cards can sell the cards individually as well. 

Also, there is a protection kit for Yugioh cards that keeps your cards safe and new. 

If your cards are stored properly then you can easily sell them and can get a great amount of money in return. eBay is one of the biggest sites that has all the Yugioh cards available. Also, Amazon has a huge collection of cards available. In case you have double cards you can easily sell them on any of these sites in bulk. It is an easy way to earn a lot of money.

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