Mew Pokemon Card

 Mew Card is worth $222 USD in 2024 

Mew Pokemon are also known as the community-driven Pokemon was first released back in 2000. The deck of 36 different cards was released in a form of Promotional cards and collectors refer to these cards as Psychic-type Basic. These ancient Mew Pokemon cards first had their premiere at the launching of Pokemon league 8th of Feb, 1999.

Chain #147 considered these cards as the Holofoil card of Fossils expansion. The first card released was a shiny blue card with an unnumbered promo code. Mew pokemon is also known as the Wizards of Black Star. The ancient Mew cards were made in Japan and only with only 5 rare prints that are secured with their collectors.

Mew Value

The current value of Mew card is estimated at $195 for the poor condition PSA 10 version, $210 for the average condition PSA 10 version, and $222 for the Mint condition PSA 10 version.

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  • HP: 60
  • Type: Psychic
  • Attacks: Bench Barrier, Psypower
  • Weakness: Psychic x2

Card Worth: $600 USD

  • Released Year: 2016
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

Mew GX Pokemon cards are part of the hidden chain that has a secret number that is unknown, they were made very limited in number and were kept in some of the selling decks during the premier.

The Japanese expansion of Mew cards is still a mystery except that it was a psychic type but the beauty of this unknown expansion is still appreciated. The graphics were made by the Fusion art and along with the Mewtwo. The series deck of Mew cards is considered to be very rare.

Mew Card Price Chart 2024

What is the worth of Mew Pokemon cards?

The worth of the Mew card is still unmatchable, the fact that chain #147 was well known for the presence of Mew cards. Mew EX Pokemon cards have the highest worth as it is believed that there are only 4 of the cards that exist. With the Holo foil in Evolution of the set XY has the price tag of $9000 with the stamp of the TCG creation.

The Holo Rare with the evolution tag of XX has an increasing price tag with an existing worth of $15000. Mew Promo Pokemon card being the promotional card is ranked as the #19 card in the highest worth with the price tag of $23000 back in 2018.

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How many Mew cards were made?

36 different Mew cards were released with 14 of them being the gold Mew card. These gold Mew cards are ranked as the #6 most attractive cards in the gold series. 10 of the cards were released as the VMax cards with numbers 267 and 268.

They come with a basic card to unlock the secret attack of the Mew Pokemon and these VMax cards are also very rare, they were the cards of this chain to be made Holographic. 2 celebration Pokemon cards were made that mark the closing ceremony of the chain 147.

Which of the Mew cards was the rarest?

Since these Mew cards were already very less in number, which is what makes them very rare. Other than this the gold-plated Mew card was known to be the rarest card also due to winning the Art Academy Promo.

Then comes the Mex EX cards which are part of the Holon Phantoms, they were ranked as the #6 rarest cards back in 2002 for the chain 144. These were slightly Holo cards and being a part of the ancient history of Pokemons these Mew cards hold great worth and are the rare ones.

How to know if your Mew cards are real?

Many people are misled by the fact they were sold the Ancient Mew cards, it is very clear that only Mew V pokemon cards are part of the ancient chains. Only the successor of the cards can help indicate the originality of the card. The Holofoil card texture of the card is what helps in spotting the fakeness.

The fake cards have even smaller font sizes if they are called to be ancient cards. 1999 pokemon cards are the most difficult to know whether they are the fake ones or the original cards.

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Are these Mew cards available on Amazon or eBay?

No, unfortunately, there’s no chance that you would buy any of these cards on either of the selling sites. 36 of these cards are very rare and very high in worth and no these ancient cards may be available for sale on Amazon or another selling site.

You can only get a chance to view these rare cards at the auctions that are held after years and these cards are set with heavy price tags.

What are the abilities of Mew?

Pokemon card Mew seems to have a health of 50 and is vulnerable to all spiritual Pokemon, with no resilience and no withdrawal cost. Mew’s specialty, explains that if Mew has enough power to strike, it may utilize the abilities of any of the other Basic Pokemon currently in play.

Mew is known for its capacity to learn all technical machines, technological records, and hidden machines in the world. Every Pokemon’s DNA is supposed to be contained inside Mew. That is why Mew is among the most destructive mythical Pokemon ever created.

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