Mega Venusaur EX Card

 Mega Venusaur EX Card is worth $45.50 USD in 2024 

Mega Venusaur is an EX community card and belongs to the grass type, after the chain 145 this is the only card that belongs to the grass type and this is the only type of M venusaur ex full art that is known to be extremely beautiful. The card being a part of TCG is an ultra-rare rarity. 87 of these cards were released after the 2nd anniversary of the Evolution collection back in 2016. This is the only card with the number 2/108 EX.

Mega Venusaur EX Value

The current value of Mega Venusaur EX card is estimated at $35 for the poor condition PSA 10 version, $45.50 for the average condition PSA 10 version, and $45.50 for the Mint condition PSA 10 version.

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Also, this card is the only English expansion in collaboration with 5ban Graphics. This card represents the Original Era. Mega ex PSA 10 was the best production of the Collection X of Japanese. There was a great difference between the production of regular print and the full art print.


  • HP: 230
  • Type: Grass
  • Attacks: Mega Evolution rule, Crisis Vine
  • Weakness: Fire x2

Card Worth: $45.50 USD

  • Released Year: 2018
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

From ungraded to PSA 10 there were a total of 5 cards. All of the PSA grades have their power mentioned on their card, since these are from the deck of Evolution you can compete for your card with any of the Mega EX which also belongs to the legendary. Mega EX allows you to retreat by 4 points since they were known to be Old school trainers.

Mega Venusaur EX Card Price Chart 2024

What is the worth of a Mega ex card?

The Mega EX chain 147 all have the same high worth, as mentioned before that they belong to the legendary series which makes their worth no less. Led by the Ultra EX Holo card which is the top #4 of the XY community and has the highest worth as compared with others with a price tag of about $50,000, the Holo feature of this card is due to the evolution of TCG which makes this card much more worthy.

Talking about none other than the English expansion M card, which stands with the value of $30,000 is believed to be very worthy and is also known as the production of modern-day. Mega ex 2/10 creates the worth of this card extremely high and sets up a great competition.

About the Mega Venusaur from the EY community which has the least worth and are easily available on Amazon and eBay are well known by chain 2/146 stands with the worth value of $10.09 and there are 14 of them available. Venusaur Full Art Ultra Holo with the chain number 100/108 is part of both EY and the EX are considered to be more worthy according to the reference of the Pokemon anime. This card stands with an estimated worth of $75,000.

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How many Mega EX cards were made?

Out of 87 of the Mega Venusaur cards 2 chains were included which make these cards extremely legendary.

Mega venusaur ex full art is the most beautiful chain of cards to be released for the Venusaur, the art of this card makes it very attractive and only 20 of the full art of cards were made. Full art also includes the Holo Ultra Rare and the Evolution Ultra Rare card which were made in remembrance of the Pokemon Venusaur after its appearance was changed and Volume 2 was released adding rainbow skin to the character.

Mega venusaur PSA 10 was made as to the 10th graded card as the initial of the legends chain and 15 of these cards were released first and 5 of them are available for viewing in a Pokemon-based museum located in Denmark.

Which of the Mega EX cards are most rare?

The rarity of the card depends on the quantity and their chain line. Besides 20 of the full art EX cards which include Holo and Ultra-rare as well, there comes a Holo card of 10th-grade EY. It is admitted that only of these cards was ever released which doesn’t have enough worth but they are known to be the rarest card than any of the chains coming for the Venusaur EX.

Mega ex 100/108 is the last chain for the legendary known cards of Venusaur and declaring it the last production of this chain and due to being only in quantity, this card has got the rarity greater than another. Besides all the beauty of this card which is indeed very attractive and that is why it is called the production of the modern-day.

How to know if your Mega EX card is real?

Whether your card belongs to the EX community or the EY community the techniques of checking the originality of the card are very basic and common.

Starting from checking the texture of the card which tells 50% about the originality of the card, then matching the side borders of the card since EX and EY cards have energized level borders. The methods are very mutual for all except the card Mega venusaur ex 2/83 since this card was from the production of the initial cards which is why there are some different traditional known ways to check the realness of the card.

Are these Mega EX cards available on Amazon or eBay?

14 of the 87 cards to be released belong to the chain of 2/146 and are part of the EY community, Venusaur. They were known to be the least worth of cards and now 9 of them are still available on eBay according to the resources.

The cost of the card varies from $9 to $20 since the demand for these cards is very less as compared to the whole deck which is only witnessed during Auctions. If you believe yourself as a real collector then you should get those cards and fill your deck.

What are the abilities of the Mega EX cards?

Venusaur card is not exposed to any of the heat and ice attacks hence this secures the health by 50%, using the thick possessed ability of the card helps in defeating the opponent at the last stage by 30% and reduces attacks on itself.

When you use your Venusaur card with the gym’s card then you can handle the special power of the Pokemon and also unlock extra Hp. The card delivers damage of 40% with the help of green plants attack.

More about Mega EX card

The 2008 Brawl Venusaur card is the 10th most expensive Venusaur card yet created. The premiere of Pokemon Rumble occurred with both the launch of the Rumble package.

With only 16 cards altogether, they all had a greatly increased worth. An image of the game’s Venusaur is used to illustrate the card, which has a fairly sinister appearance in its geometrical shape. It’s going for an equivalent of $40 on the marketplace.

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