Mega Blastoise EX Card

 Mega Blastoise EX Card is worth $71 USD in 2024 

Mega Blastoise card is a water-type Pokemon card. It’s the only card that is affected by electricity and fire or heat. Mega Blastoise EX art is the Generation 1 released card. It had the second name of the Shellfish Pokemon card. The collectors of these cards are known as the Siebold.

They were released back in 2016 on 5th May. a total of 18 cards were released, and all of these were part of the EK community. Following chain #168, these cards were introduced as the Japanese rarity/expansion. Blastoise EX Evolution began back in 2009 and continued till 2016.

Mega Blastoise EX Value

The current value of Mega Blastoise EX card is estimated at $69 for the poor condition PSA 10 version, $70 for the average condition PSA 10 version, and $71 for the Mint condition PSA 10 version.

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  • HP: 230
  • Type: Water
  • Attacks: Hydro Bombard
  • Weakness: Grass x2

Card Worth: $71 USD

  • Released Year: 2018
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

These cards were divided into 13 decks each containing some Secret guide cards. These cards are connected with the history of Pikachu cards in a way that they were part of the same chain.

Blastoise ex 1883 comes from the part of the PSA graded by 7 to 10. Also, this series marks the 20th anniversary of the 22/109. Some of these cards came as the CCG booster deck, the bonus cards. These cards have several hidden abilities that can only be received by Promos.

Mega Blastoise EX Card Price Chart 2024

What is the worth of mega Blastoise ex cards?

What makes the worth of these cards is the reason that these cards have a very strong connection with the Pikachus series. Mega EX worth is the 34th highest worth in the production of the Pokemon cards.

The EX series cards withstand a value of $34000 whereas those cards of the series EY have double worth. One of the cards of the EY community, the series #178 cards has a worth of $75000. The other copies are not that much in worth but still have the value of $9,000.

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How many of these mega ex cards were made?

Out of 18 cards, there were a total of 2 different types of cards that were issued. One was the type known as the EX community cards that were made for 4 decks each deck with a guide card and a basic card. This deck also contains a Holo card which was different from the other cards.

Another type was the 1st edition card which was made limited in number and also was the most prominent card that was carded for this mega Blastoise ex card.

Which of these mega ex-cards were the rarest?

Both the Holographic and the 1st edition cards are considered to be very rare since they were very limited and were part of the latest creation of 2016. What makes the Holo card rare is its beautiful appearance of the card and its high demand.

The other 1st edition cards are always rare, it doesn’t matter which series or chain they belong to.

Are these cards available on Amazon or eBay?

The availability of these cards is very low. Since these cards were very limited in number and they were high in demand, which is why they were sold within months after the release, it is believed that there are still some cards that are still somewhere in the decks and not found yet.

These cards don’t have the Auction value yet because they are not as ancient as they were supposed to be.

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