Masked Owl

 Masked Owl Pet Sim X! Game is worth equal to 712500 Gems in 2024 

Time to spread your wings and soar into the Pet Simulator X universe with the charming Masked Owl. This feathery friend comes with a price tag ranging from 712.5K to 787.5K gems. Let’s unravel the details about this captivating pet!

Masked Owl Pet Sim X Worth

The current value of the Masked Owl is 712.5K – 787.5K gems for the normal version.

Get ready to experience the enchantment of the night with the Masked Owl!


Pet worth: 712.5K – 787.5K gems

  • Release Year: 2022
  • Rarity: Common
  • Game: Pet Simulator X

The Masked Owl, priced between 712.5K and 787.5K gems, is here to add a touch of mystery to your pet collection. Let’s dive into what makes this nocturnal companion special!

How rare is the Masked Owl?

The Masked Owl is categorized as a common pet, making it easily accessible for pet enthusiasts exploring the world of Pet Simulator X.

How to get the Masked Owl?

Obtaining the Masked Owl is a breeze. Keep an eye out for it in various locations, and you might just spot this captivating creature during your pet-collecting adventures. No special quests or challenges—just the joy of discovery!

How much is the Masked Owl worth?

The Masked Owl holds a value of 712.5K to 787.5K gems, making it an affordable and delightful addition to your pet roster. Its common rarity doesn’t diminish the charm it brings to your collection.