Machamp Holo 1s Edition Card

 Machamp Holo Card is worth $1.108.75 USD in 2024 

Out of the original deck of 102 cards, there were only 16 cards with dazzling holographic effects. Because of the low manufacturing run of just 10,000 copies of each card and the fact that the first release in 1999 was completely sold out in a matter of minutes, these Pokémon cards are among the most difficult to acquire.

Machamp Holo 1s Edition Value

The current value of Machamp Holo 1s Edition card is estimated at $1105 for the poor condition PSA 10 version, $1106 for the average condition PSA 10 version, and $1108 for the Mint condition PSA 10 version.

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  • HP: 160
  • Type: Fighting
  • Attacks: Settle the Score, Submission
  • Weakness: Psychic x2

Card Worth: $1.108 USD

  • Released Year: 1996
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

As soon as they are removed from their packaging, holographic cards often exhibit damage in the form of nicks and scratches. As a direct result, this PSA 10s are difficult to come by, and the prices of trading cards continue to go up.

Machamp Holo Card Price Chart

What is the worth of the holo first edition card?

Because of the limited supply, a holo first edition card might fetch a hefty price. Machamp’s first edition is worth changes and the change is inspired by the PSA rating of the card. A card that has been graded a PSA 10 for its holo first edition PSA 10 set and is in pristine condition may fetch more than a thousand dollars.

It costs less than $700 to get the holo first edition PSA 8, which is in excellent condition, is two points away from being in perfect condition, and is the first issue of the card. The price of the 1st edition holo 8/102 is $450, and the price varies depending on the PSA rating since there is a direct tie between the price and the rating.

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Which of the holo first edition cards is most rare?

Every beginning set came with a Machamp in it. In addition, each Machamp base set has a one-of-a-kind stamp. As a result, This card values 1st Edition holos the lowest.

This card has the most 1st Edition holo contributions by far, with 4,393 submissions and counting. The card with the highest PSA rating or the best condition is the rarest among the 4393 cards.

How many holo first edition cards were made?

In terms of the number of first-edition holo graph entries, Machamp has the highest, with more than 4,000 entries and continuing to increase. Around the globe, there are now 4000 of these Holo First Edition cards available for purchase.

A large amount of these cards may be attributed to the following: In the first edition, the card Minifigure was included as a bonus in each starter and base set purchased throughout all print runs.

That indicates that the starter set Machamp was produced in the first edition despite there being an unlimited number of copies made. This implies that every one of the hundreds of thousands of people who purchased a base set beginning set also gets a first edition. In contrast to the other first edition base set cards, because it is so readily accessible, its value is not very high.

How do you know if your holo first edition card is real?

When it comes to holo versions, counterfeit makers often produce shining cards using the incorrect sort of foiling or a foiling that has never been officially issued for that card. This occurs most frequently with holo variants. On the other hand, the reverse is also true.

You may sometimes stumble across non-foil copies of cards that have never been officially produced in foil forms and are the only versions that have ever been available. A black circle is printed on common playing cards.

The rarity symbol for uncommon cards is a black diamond. Rare cards are denoted with a crimson star. Rare Holo cards are denoted by a black star and have a picture printed on foil. In addition, a stamp identifying the card as a first edition card is affixed to every one of those cards. This will be located in the bottom left corner of the frame that contains the printed picture of the Pokémon.

Is this card available on eBay and Amazon?

NO holo cards are far more scarce than the standard cards that are currently in circulation. This is owing, in part, to the fact that initially they were only produced in very small amounts and that, through time, they have undergone significant development. As a direct consequence of this, finding them will be more challenging. As a result, acquiring the Holo First Edition Card on eBay or Amazon is a considerable challenge.

As a result of the tremendous demand and the limited availability, most of the listings have sold out, and the few cards that are still available are being offered at very expensive prices.

What are the abilities of the Machamp?

Machamp is a Fighting-type Stage 2 Pokémon card. It’s in the midst of a transformation. When an attack from your opponent does damage to Machamp, the power of seismic throw inflicts 10 additional damage on the Pokémon that dealt the damage.

You will be unable to use this talent if it is already sleepy, disoriented, or immobilized when your opponent launches an attack. One of the eleven different kinds in the TCG is called the Fighting type.

Brown is the hue that is used to represent it, and a left-handed fist is used to depict it. Therefore, while going up against dark, colorless, and lightning-type Pokemon cards, holo first edition cards will have the advantage.

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