Lunala GX Card

 Lunala GX Card is worth $60 USD in 2023 

Lunala gx price is known to be a stage 2 Pokemon GSX card. It was released after the release of Pokemon sun and moon. This card was well known for being the card of art and they are a total of 8 in numbers.

The beautiful artwork of the card was done by PLANETA production and these 8 cards were the last production of them which makes these cards very special. The production was again started in 2016 and 20 cards were made but they went flop since they deducted the Pokemon’s Hp, attack power, and damage power from the card.

Lunala GX Value

The current value of Lunala GX card is estimated at $23 for the poor condition PSA 10 version, $25 for the average condition PSA 10 version, and $25 for the Mint condition PSA 10 version.

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  • HP: 250
  • Type: Psychic
  • Attacks: Psychic Transfer, Moongeist Beam
  • Weakness: Darkness x2

Card Worth: $60 USD

  • Released Year: 2018
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

Lunala gx full art is part of the 149 chains which was started in Singapore and are very rare. This chain consists of a secret card known as the golden card and this card has the ability of the Ultra Prism expansion making the gx cards very strong and rare. Only 8 of the cards released known to be the regular print have the Hp, attack power, and the damage power mentioned. The secret card is the only card that is available in the Gold.

Lunala GX Card Price Chart 2023

What is the worth of a GX card?

The fact only 8 of these cards were ever made makes it rarer than any other drink. Lunala gx prom is the series of GS cards and they have a great value as compared to the Gx series besides the fact that this doesn’t make it any more expensive. The card with the number 141/149 known as the Sun and Moon Lunala GS is also graded with 10th mint.

This card is worthy of all making it the rarest one in both the GS and GX community. As per the search in 2021 this card was priced at over $150,000. The secret card also called the Gold car has a great worth being the part of the chain 149. This chain is also part of the Black star promos, these are the main battle boost and have an English card number of 18.

lunula gx rainbow has the same worth as the GX cards though it is not part of any of the chains their worth speaks for them and the Ultra prism has the position and worth on top of any other Lunala card whether it is a GX card or a GS.

2 cards which were from the initial production luna la fall gs are relatively low in worth and they are still available on eBay and Amazon as well at a very low rate. Though they were part of the GS series, being in the chain 145 instead of 149 made them no longer worthy.

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How many of the GX cards were made?

Beginning with the secret card which is the most beautiful golden luna la gx card is the shiniest of all and includes in the legendary deck of chain 149.

The card has a very fine texture with stats of the card written in red flashy lights that creates a good contrast with the gold card itself. The ultra prism card of the Lunala GS has a bright blue and shiny color, its chain number hasn’t been finalized.

5 of these 8 cards have been made very unique in design and are #5 rare cards. Solgaleo and GX are the Psychic types of GXcomf munity cards with silvery touch and 3 of these cards are Ultra rare cards which make makes the best of the 8 cards.

The gx rainbow gives off the most beautiful rainbow highlights and this makes them the most pretty of the 3 GS community cards.

Which of the GX cards are the rarest?

The competition between the Gold lunula GX and the Ultra prism has no end. Both of these are the top tiring cards with the best formation and the stats. Both of these cards are 1 in quantity which makes them rare already. None of any other cards are made in this form and the instinct feature of this card makes them very unique and strong.

What else makes them even rarer is the fact they both belong to the chain146 of the top GS community cards. It’s the only Pokemon that can travel in space and also travel in Ultra space.

Its ability to travel this fast makes it rare. Lunala is counted in one of the legendary pokemon with the attack level starting from 53 which is not normal and is considered to be very unique.

How to know if your Lunala GX cards are real?

There are some very basic ways to check whether the card is original or not, it can be used for any basic and GX cards as well but note that for the GS community the ways are different. You need to check the font size and design, the texture of the card is what matters and the best way to differentiate. Lunala GX in the UK are checked via the thickness of the card, and dates that are mentioned below.

With the growing popularity of the Pokemon cards, you can pay and ensure the card you are paying for in huge amounts is real. They will check the originality of your card via modern technology and that is 100% guaranteed work. You can feel the crispy texture of the character over the card, you should observe the tiny details of the card before spending thousands of dollars.

Is this Card available on Amazon or eBay?

Out of 8 the total cards 2 the Lunala GS fall cards are available on Amazon and eBay as well, the fact they keep getting expensive day after day which might also show their increasing worth.

There are many people in search of other rare Lunala cards that only appear in the Auction and last year an auction was held in Korea where the chain 149 cards from the GX community ultra prism card was bought and sold for $230,750.

What are the abilities of the Lunala GX card?

The Lunala card has an HP of 35 and a powerful hit of 50 which delivers a great deal of damage and the opponent has to use 3 basic cards to overcome the damage.

After you use the card’s special power of absorbing the light from the Moon and using it as energy it gives no other option to the opponent except to lose the card. The gx 141/149 has the lowest damage level and no special power.

More about Lunala GX card

This is the only Pokemon that is known to be the god of ancient times that only appeared when there was a full moon, also that it changes its appearance with different phases of the moons. This is the reason why there are different colors of 8 cards with different moon phases. The card is also known to be the “ master of the moon”. These are some of the several reasons why this card is the strongest.

Opening A Pokemon Lunala GX Tin