Japan Egg

 Japan Egg from Adopt Me! The game is worth 750 Robux in 2024 

This Egg is loved in the game, but it is a very limited product in the game. It was introduced on September 8, 2022, and replaced the Woodland Egg. On March 2, 2024, this toy was auxiliary replaced by the Southeast Asia Egg. The Egg contains 12 different pets that players can hatch and obtain from. It is the first egg in Adopt Me that have a glowing effect.

The two eggs including Southeast Asia Egg and the Danger egg are better than the Gumball Machine Egg, which is obtained through five tasks.

Japan Egg Worth

The current value of Japan Egg from Adopt Me is estimated to be 750 Robux.

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Pet worth: 750 Robux

Type Pet
Rarity Legendary
Origin Nursery

The Fossil and Japan Eggs are also part of the Gumball Machine Eggs, and they contain two ordinary pets. The price of these eggs is 750 bucks, and they are available in the Gumball Machine located in the nursery. However, this Egg can now only be obtained through trading.

Japan Egg Value Chart 2024

Japan EggEqual to Danger Egg

What’s the egg’s appearance?

As we know, by hatching an egg, we can obtain 12 different pets, some of which are rare and some are common. For example, the Dugong is a common pet from the Egg, while the Rhino Beetle is an uncommon pet, and the Ibis is a rare pet that can be obtained from the Japanese Egg. The Egg is a special and rare product in Adopt Me, and it holds value.

Many players are eager to obtain it as it grants access to 12 unique pets. The design of the Egg resembles a lantern, with a gray circular cap on the top and bottom and a round yellow middle.

The middle part is decorated with lines that mimic lantern folds, and it is highlighted with small golden flowers. If we consider its design, it is very appealing, and when we look at its appearance and facts, it holds value. It is the first egg in Adopt Me that glows.

What comes in a Japanese egg in Adopt Me?

Pets play a major role in Roblox Adopt Me, and they can be obtained through star rewards, events, and egg hatching.

Eggs are mainly important for acquiring pets, and from these eggs, a variety of pets are available. A few of these pets are considered temporary and last for a limited time, while others are mostly permanent.

After hatching an egg, you can obtain 12 different pets.

What all the Japan Eggs are in Adopt Me?

The following are all the pets that you can get by hatching this egg. Their ability and how they are different from other pets have been explained as Maneki-Neko, Baku, Trapdoor Snail, Spider Crab, Red Crowned Crane, Leopard Cat, Koi Carp, Ibis, Tanuki, Rhino Beetle, Sado Mole, and Dugong.

What is the Next Egg in Roblox Adopt Me?

If you’re a Roblox Adopt Me player, you would be interested in the future egg. It is common to find news leaks and rumors about it on social media platforms. While some leaks may be accurate, others may not be entirely trustworthy. If we talk about the initial egg that was released, it was the Galaxy Egg. In the 2024 update of Adopt Me, a new egg is being equipped for release very soon.

How To Get The Maneki-Neko In Adopt Me?

In Adopt Me on Roblox, there are a lot of pets obtainable that can be obtained by hatching eggs. There is a broad variety of eggs from which pets can be obtained. One of these pets is the Maneki-Neko, a cute yellow legendary cat. The chances of obtaining this pet are around 5%, making it fairly difficult to get due to its low possibility of hatching.