Hydra Axolotl

 Hydra Axolotl is worth 500 Million Gems in 2023 

The axolotl has known to be having one of the most epic histories with the players and with the trade. The pet came into existence afterward with the update of the ocean, hydra version value is greater than many other pets that are offered in the trading.

There are some highly exclusive ways of getting it hatched via the shiny eggs that are offered at the store for some time. The starting value for the axolotl for sale is 600M gemstones.

Hydra Axolotl Value

The current value of Hydra Axolotl is estimated at 500,000,000 for the Normal, 1,000,000,000 for the Golden, 3,500,000,000 for the Rainbow, and 9,000,000,000 for the Dark Matter version.

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To obtain the egg for the hatching of the hydra Exobotl you might have to unlock the special Deep Axolotl Ocean egg. You can get the normal card for up to 150,000 coins and the rainbow version card can be obtained for up to 135,000,000 gemstones. There are a total of 5 types of species from Nature Axolotl, Fancy Axolotl, Axolotuus, Astral Axolotl to Hellish Axolotl, each with its hatching rate and lessers than the others.


Pet Worth: 500,000,000 diamonds

  • Released Year: 2012
  • Rarity: Rare

The hatch rate for the Hydra Axo is no more than 1.33% and the natural Axolotl with the highest hatching rate of 43.44%. The pet is based on a creature of greek mythology. But the only difference is that this pet doesn’t have 5 heads but only one and similarly the RB hydra axolotl pet sim x value is the same.

The best thing about this pet is that this creature offers customization of the skin by stealing it, this pet has the power of capturing the other pet’s color and skin and adapting it.

Hydra Axolotl Value Chart 2023

NORMAL500 Million 💎
GOLD1 Billion 💎
RAINBOW3.9 Billion 💎
Dark Matter5 Billion 💎

How to get the hydra axo in the game?

One of the most common hacks is to get the ultra-lucky syrup that will increase your chance of getting the speedy hatching of the egg, this way is best only if you already have the egg. You can also trade the nature axolotl or the gold axolotl, a minimum of 6 nature astral are required for this.

And if you want the egg you would have to make daily attempts in the fusing machine and increase any available chances. This is one of those pets that have a greater chance to be obtained via the use of the fusing machine that allows you to make one attempt a day and also one of the rarest rainbow doodle axolotl values.

Experts say that it is the re-skin of the axolotl that was once introduced in the game a long time ago. This is one of those pets that offers all four cards normal, rainbow, gold, and dark matter with the value and price increasing simultaneously. If you are willing to buy dark matter for a particular pet you might have to hold almost 1000 diamonds in possession.

How do you summon a gold hydra axo?

To summon your axolotl, you need a pegasus flower. Ordinary players can indeed gain this flight even though it might very well only be acquired by using an administrator control by dumping a standard feather around on a lake region bordered by nine marble staircase pieces.

What is the Nature axolotl in pet Sim X?

The axolotl is a unique type of animal in the pet simulations. It has a 35% chance of being obtained from the Rare pets hatching.

What are the enchantments of these axolotls?

After this enchantment, the pet should get the same strength as your hardest pet overall. The huge festive hydra is the fourth animal in the Roblox Pet Game. These huge axolotls are quite expensive and cost millions of dollars.

How much is the hydra axo worth?

Axolotls are now worth about 4,000,000,000 gems. For a short period, this may be acquired by purchasing Unique pets.

What is the most worthy pet in PSX?

There are several values, such as the Rainbow Big Hell Stone and the Diamond Huge cat. Several common domestic pets have also been subject to myth and legend.

Can hydra axo be bought with the use of diamonds?

It is said that a particular card is exclusively acquired by exchanging and that this special pet is thought to be purchased for a significant amount of diamonds. When you use this pet as a squad, you may do more firepower compared to every single pet or ability exactly why it has a high pet sim x value list hydra axo. This pet’s appearance is inspired by hydra humor, a once-famous meme with the same name.