Huge Monkey

  Huge Monkey Pet Sim X! Game is worth equal to an Exclusive pet in Pet Simulator X in 2023 

You can find the value of all the versions of the Huge Monkey Pet Sim X according to the latest sales. Keep in mind that all values listed of Santa & Plush are in Gems which is the currency used in Pet Simulator X. The list below is updated till 2023.

Huge Monkey Pet Sim X Worth

The current value of a Huge Monkey in Pet Sim X is estimated at 199,000,000,000 for the Normal, 597,000,000,000 for the Golden, 2,388,000,000,000 for the Rainbow, and 796,000,000,000 for the Shiny version.

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Pet worth: 199,000,000,000

  • Released Year: 2022
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pet Simulator x

The code on the tag of the Huge Monkey plushie, which was sold on the BIG Games Official Shop website, could be redeemed to receive the Huge Monkey, a unique pet in Pet Simulator X. It is a bigger version of the monkey pet and is more valuable and rare.

The Huge Monkey is a useful pet that you can employ to advance in the game. Because it possesses the Companion II ability, it will always be 60% as powerful as your finest pets. Additionally, it is a well-liked option for those who want to spruce up their pet collection.

Huge Monkey Pet Sim X Chart 2023


What are the stats of the Huge Monkey?

The Huge Monkey has the following statistics:

Condition: 100,000
damage: 100
200% Coins BonusDue to its extremely high health number, the Huge Monkey is exceptionally challenging to defeat. It can also do a fair amount of damage to adversaries thanks to a respectable damage stat. Its coin benefit, though, is its most valuable stat. The coin bonus offered by The Huge Monkey is 200%, which means it will increase your coin total by twofold. This is a significant increase in your currency total and can help you save money for new pets, upgrades, or other in-game products.

What are the abilities of the Huge Monkey?

The Huge Monkey is capable of two things:

The Huge Monkey will always be 60% as powerful as your best pets, according to Companion II. This means that regardless of the other pets you have, it will always be a vital asset to your squad.
Double Coins: The Huge Monkey will increase your coin total by two. If you’re attempting to save money for a new pet or upgrade, this is an excellent method to increase your coin collection.
The Huge Monkey is an extremely strong companion with two helpful traits. If you can find one, it will be an excellent addition to your team.

How can I get the Huge Monkey?

In Pet Simulator X, the Huge Monkey is a unique pet that can only be acquired through special means. It could be obtained by entering a code from a real-life Huge Monkey plush toy that could be purchased at the BIG Games Official Shop website. Right now, trading with a player who already has one is the only method to get a Huge Monkey.

You can browse pet value listings or join trading servers to discover someone ready to swap their Huge Monkey. You must decide on a fair deal once you have located a player who is eager to trade. It’s critical to keep in mind that the Huge Monkey is a unique pet.