Huge Hell Rock

hell rock value

 Huge Hell Rock is worth 175 Billion Gems in 2024 

In Pet Simulator X, exchanging with several other gamers will get you the Exclusive pet known as Huge Hell Rock. The pet’s rarity is in its largest form. The basic form of the pet is now worth 8,500,000,000 gems. While in an activity that ran from July 21st to July 29th, 2022, the pet could be collected from each egg in the video game.

Huge Hell Rock Value

The current value of Huge Hell Rock is estimated at 80,000,000,000 for the normal, 93,000,000,000 for the gold version and 175,000,000,000 for the Rainbow version.

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The Hardcore upgrade wasn’t launched at 2.5 million views on as previously expected, but the devs responded by releasing this unique pet. the pet might be found in around 1 out of every 2.5 million eggs that are hatched. The pet costs 325 billion gems for the Moonbeams version of Pet Sim X and 65 billion gems for the Regular and Rose Gold editions.

hell rock value



Pet Worth: 175 Billion Gems

  • Released Year: 2009
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pet simulator x

The card is only gained for the normal version of the pet since the value is just rated very high for the gold. The unique thing about this card is that you would get the best friend skill which will make you the strongest pet card. Along with having one of the highest values the card also has a very high chance of being hatched in every egg especially those already cracked. You can also buy the crushed rock cost per ton and start exploring the cracked eggs for a higher chance.

Huge Hell Rock Value Chart 2024

NORMAL80 Billion 💎
GOLD93 Billion 💎
RAINBOW175 Billion 💎

How is this huge hell rock obtained in the game?

Simply maintain cracked Eggs from July 21 through July 29 to receive the Huge Hell Rock in Pet Simulator X. As a form of excuse for the latest announcement not getting delivered at 3 million views as they had first planned, this pet has indeed been added to the game. The pet can therefore show up in any Egg, however, there is only one major drawback: it is extremely unusual.

The Pet Simulator Community Wiki states that the probability of spawning chance of one is 2.5 million to one. That is harsh. In addition, it also has periodic magic and the Best Friend special enchantment, which guarantees that it would constantly be greater than your best pet. It’s also incredibly useful, which takes us to the next part of our discussion.

More about the Pet

This exclusive pet with a gem value of about 25 billion diamonds is one of the finest versions of the rocks, which is available in three of the best versions it is believed that you can also get the dark matter as well but the chances are extremely low. The highest value for the rainbow decreases slightly when coming to the normal card.

The value of these pets increases once their hatching process becomes very limited, such as when a pet is only available at certain events only, just like this huge hello rock. You can estimate the huge pixel cat value by comparing it when you are trading any of your pets.

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Is Huge Hell Rock still obtainable?

You only need to crack apart any egg in Pet Simulator X to stand the possibility of hatching one to obtain the pet. However, if you have a lot of leftover money, you will probably be capable of purchasing one someday even if the % probability is quite low.

What do Mimic chests drop for hell-rock pets?

Mimics are common Hardmode opponents who pretend as chests that match their surroundings. Even before Hardmode, the player could create mimics by smashing the Chest Statue. The Mimic Banner is the sole item that these Mimics deliver, however.

A unique miniboss inside the Basement Chaos is the Corrupt Mimic. Any unfilled box may have it created by placing a Key of Night inside of it. In a world where Corruption exists, the chest would then change into Corrupt Mimics.

What time does the mystery merchant spawn?

At 8:00, 12:00, 18:00, and 21:00 each day, The Mystery Merchant makes an appearance (Server Time). The Mysterious Merchant can be seen on the right side of your fullscreen mode. You have an hour to buy the thing being sold; if you don’t, the timer changes to another.

What is the most powerful huge pet in pet simulator X?

The last available pet is the huge cat, which must be claimed. One of the greatest pets in Pet Simulator X, it certainly couldn’t hatch from the egg and costs approximately 10 billion gems. You have to be careful since the 17 new creatures are only offered during the Easter event and you can’t simply purchase them with your stock of diamonds.

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How do you get the pet?

The eggs are a component of the Halloween Event and every one costs 750,000 Gold. It might require a lot of charm to gain one since they don’t drop very often. From large containers such as those located at Heaven’s Gate in Fantasy World, candy may be harvested. Its drop rate, however, is very low just 1 in 20,000.

Given that the chance of receiving the golden huge hell rock value cosmic is so little (0.005%), it seems sensible that the chances are slim. Unfortunately, the gift points unlocking is the only method to get this specific pet in Pet Simulator X.

More about this pet

To the finest of our understanding, the Dark Matter version’s worth, if any, is still a secret. The pet is quite beneficial in any case. Realizing how slim your chances are of earning one, it just makes sense. While this, considering being nearly three times more popular than the value of a huge cupcake, remains the simplest Huge to get in the game.

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