Huge Floppa

 Huge Floppa is worth 60 Billion Gems in 2024 

Huge Floppa is a pet that is possible to gain in Pet Simulator X as a Unique rare. It is a large Floppa. For the Purple edition, the present valuation of Floppa is 3,900,000,000,000,000 diamonds.

Huge Floppa Value

The current value of Huge Floppa is estimated at 60,000,000,000 for the normal, 125,000,000,000 for the gold version, and 300,000,000,000 for the Rainbow version.

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For a brief period, Floppa may be purchased from the Unique store. One egg prices 800 Robux, while three eggs cost 2,400 Roblux. Make sure to read the Pet Simulator X value list guide if you want to know how much the other pets in the game are worth.


Pet worth: 60 billion gems

  • Released year: 2006
  • Rarity: rare
  • Game: pet simulator X

Some users have given this card a percentage of 0.98% of findings which is very much lower than many other cards.

There is always a chance of this card being dropped from the Santa bag every 5 hours but it only happens once a year during the special event of Christmas. When the card was released in those early times card was based on Balloon ranking. Making it the second edition of reskin huge cat don’t forget that this card has a titanic version of itself which is very difficult to obtain. Also famous for the pet simulator x floppa value itself.

Huge Floppa Value Chart 2024

NORMAL60 Billion 💎
GOLD125 Billion 💎
RAINBOW300 Billion 💎

How to get a huge flop in Pet simulator X?

There are several patterns to get the huge floppa in the game, although each of the patterns would require much effort and time as well. First of all, you would have to teleport to the giant chest, once you get there you would have to start exploring the chest for literally hours, this will result in gaining a hundred trillion coins.

After that you would have to travel to the tech shop where you will search for a secret room that would be on the top left where you will find the auto hatch hack, this hack would require to be opened after every hour and this is where you would have to check your luck and let your hundred trillion coins get you the hatching time to 10 seconds.

Try opening it after every 10 seconds until you find your floppa pet.

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More about the Pet

In its exclusive bracket, the pet is known to be 1.5% of the total and also a huge version of the Floppa card. Note that this pet would be a lot stronger than other pets you have and also deliver +100% more damage than the others. But this is the only pet that doesn’t produce diamonds and also loses all of the features when you rejoin the basic-unique.

Once this pet is shifted to Diamond III exactly at that moment you receive +35% points. If you want to obtain this pet with the Diamond grade with the maximum policy size of 2048 bytes then you might have to spend your cryptocurrency since it’s the only option.

What is the most expensive pet currently in Pet Simulator X? 

The highest expensive pet at the moment of writing is the rare Huge Chest Mimic, which has a beginning value of approximately 150 trillion gems.

Do you trade huge floppa in a pet simulator?

Luckily, starting a deal in Pet Simulator X is easy. By clicking the green and yellow triangle symbol after picking the animal icon at the bottom of your display, you may press on your animals. The following step is to select who to deal with.

Can you rebirth your huge floppa in a pet simulator?

You may improve your currency multiply and get 10 Rebirth Tickets by using the “Rebirth” option in Pet Ranch Simulator. Be careful, however, because resetting your lifetime will also erase your Coins and Ranch storage. A top ten list of those with the “most rebirths” may be seen beside the egg dealer counter.

Can you get a POG floppa?

But there is a catch: the Pog Egg is completely random and costs real money. One Pog Egg is worth eleven billion fantasy coins. There is hope, however, since the egg has a 49 percent chance of developing into a Pog Cat. It is recommended to sell unwanted Pog pets if you’re finding problems producing a Pog Cat.

How do you enter AFK gift codes?

To verify your account, request a confirmation code from the AFK Stadium app and input it in the Confirmation area. Enter your coupon renewal code in the Gift Code section after logging in, then click Redeem. Bonuses from current codes should appear in your gaming inbox.

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What is VIP in a pet simulator?

The VIP status offers early entry to upcoming regions, a unique name tag in chat, trade, and the ability for dogs to immediately pick up dropped items. It may be purchased with Robux or, if the player does have the Vip Passes upgrade, received from a drop.

More about the pet

All of the greatest pets in the game have prices that are detailed in the pricing list including the big floppa cosmic value.

The card has a high rarity level if compared with the other 4 cards that are presented. This card was part of the June mid-update and hence holds great worth because of its huge size. If you want to trade the pet in the trading booth make sure that the correct number of gems is demanded. The history of the cards tells that this card was about to be named Huge Caracal but the decision was changed due to its species.