Huge CupCake

 Huge CupCake is worth 30 Billion Gems in 2023 

Due to the Huge Cupcake’s current rank as among the most dangerous pets in the game, many people are considering their options for obtaining the pet. The pet, which has the lowest drop rate of any pet in the gameplay as of this writing, should be noted by players before aiming to collect it.

Huge CupCake Value

The current value of Huge CupCake is estimated at 30,000,000,000 for the normal, 65,000,000,000 for the gold version, and 100,000,000,000 for the Rainbow version.

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Pet worth: 30 Billion gems 

  • Released year: 2011
  • Rarity: rare
  • Game: pet simulator X

The best thing about this card is that it comes with the penchant known as the “ pet value “ that increases the worth of the card, this will also help in gaining diamonds when you decide to trade something.

The card has a very strong value and competes against many stronger pets in the arena. If you decide to convert the rainbow card into dark matter which is not available at the moment but it can still be done with the help of the trade gems and diamonds that are mostly out of reach.

Huge CupCake Value Chart 2023

NORMAL30 Billion 💎
GOLD65 Billion 💎
RAINBOW100 Billion 💎

How to get a huge cupcake in pet simulator x?

There is a very low chance to receive the pet in the game scene there’s a chance of 1 in 2000 gifts. From the daily rewards you receive, there can be any 2 treasures which contain them but as told there is very less chance to get them. To increase your chances you need to set up several gaming setups and log in to your different ids for the game and collect regular gifts especially those 2 with a timer of 24 hrs.

It was really easy to get a pet value in November 2021 but now due to the updates things have changed. When you have equipped better pets there is a good chance of receiving big rewards such as a huge cupcake pet. This is just a part of one of the theories people have come up with which also include changing the earth for having an increased chance of getting this pet.

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More about the Pet

This huge cupcake pet is part of the family of exclusive pets which can only be obtained once you are done with the mastery update. This is one of those pets that can also be founded by the huge hacked pet. Talking about the worth of this pet is estimated to be 85,000,000,000,000.

The gift number dedicated to this pet is numbers 11 and 12 which is part of the daily reward system. This largest cupcake pet comes in three types normal, gold to rainbow and you won’t be able to find dark matter for this pet.

How rare is the huge cupcake?

Its drop rate, however, is very low, just 1 in 20,000. Given that the possibility of receiving the pet is so little (0.005%), it seems logical that the chances are slim. Unfortunately, the gift awards unlocking provides the only method to get this specific pet in Pet Simulator X.

How many cupcakes are in the FNAF world?

They are yours whenever you finish a certain minigame! You must complete the FNaF 57 Minigame while gathering all 9 cupcakes to access Jack o’ Bonnie. It’s OK to take the majority of it, however, if you take them all, he won’t be unlocked.

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What is the chance of hatching a huge cupcake?

The pet’s chances of rising are very tiny, much like those of most famous and uncommon pets in Pet Simulator X. It is said to have a probability of developing from a Legendary Egg of roughly 0.002%. This is a 1/50,000 probability, roughly.

Is a gas mask cat good?

At rank 30, the strong meatshield Gas Mask Cat can absorb up to 71.4k damage against Black foes with the help of all of the Void Fruits maxed.

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Is the Sushi cat good for attacking cupcakes?

This cat, which is a Kotatsu Cat for Red opponents, is highly helpful for stopping the growth of Red opponents like Bore, One Horn, Modest Boy, and others since it can take their attack while also hurting it. For a practical edge, adopt this cat on levels with a bunch of Red attackers, similar to the huge cupcake in the April update.

Are huge cupcakes animatronic?

The animated cupcake  Cupcake often referred to as the huge cupcake, is typically followed by Chica. It features donkey teeth, yellow-striped celebration candles with plastic burning candles, two big yellow eyeballs, pink buttercream, no wrapping, and black eyelashes.

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More about the pet

In Pet Simulator X, you may get the exclusive pet known as Huge Cupcake. It is an updated version of the Cupcake pet that was included in the Prestige Update. Aside from the Huge Hacked Cat, there are only two Huge animals that may be obtained for nothing. According to estimates, the standard form of a pet is now worth over 40,000,000,000 diamonds.

Gifts 11 and 12 of the weekly Present Rewards program may be used to get the pet. 0.05% (1 in 2,000) and 0.005% (1 in 20,000) of Gifts 11 and 12 respectively have a hatch rate of Huge Cupcake. Every “Huge” pet has the special enchantment “Best Friend” from birth. The pet will become just as powerful thanks to this charm as your greatest pet altogether. Learn about everything related to value cosmic further in this content.