Huge Cat

 Huge Cat is worth 300 Billion Gemsin 2023 

The huge cat is the first huge category pet introduced in the pet simulator x there are two different versions of the pet there is a normal cat and there is a rainbow version as well. The cost of both versions varies like any other pet type.

There are multiple types of this cat and some of the types are named huge pixel cat, huge hacked cat, huge pumpkin cat, huge scary pet, huge festive cat, huge titanic cat, and the huge lucky cat pet. Every variant has its characteristics.

Huge Cat Value

The current value of this Huge Cat is estimated at 300,000,000,000 for the Normal, 500,000,000,000 for the Golden, and 1,000,000,000,000 for the Rainbow version.

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To hatch this pet you must first redeem a merch code after using this code you can hatch your desired huge pet in the pet simulator x. This is one the only pets whose demand is still quite high and its cost is a lot as well so to complete any set of pet collections this pet is of extreme importance.


Pet worth: 300 Billion Gems

  • Released date: event 2022.
  • Rarity: Exclusive.
  • Game: Pet Simulator X.

The value of this pet is significant, there are two versions available in the game there is a normal and a rainbow version.

The value of a normal huge pet cat is 24,000,000,000,000 while in gems its value is 1,000,000,000,000 gems and the rainbow variant huge pet value is 82,000,000,000,000. While in gems it is not defined yet.

Huge Cat Value Chart 2023:

NORMAL300 Billion 💎
GOLD500 Billion 💎
RAINBOW1 Tillion 💎

How to get a huge cat pet?

In the game, the huge pet cat can only be obtained by buying cat plushies on big games the code for the redeeming is called cat plushies (merch code). This was the first huge pet introduced in the pet simulator x, when redeeming the code in the game the chances of hatching a rainbow version are slim the chances are only 1% when redeeming the cat plushies code.

How many of these pets are available for purchase?

There are a limited amount of cats available as of now in the game the exact numeric is 6,551 huge pets are up for grabs in the pet sim. so by the looks of it, there will be no addition to the huge category for now.

How to obtain a huge pixel cat pet in pet simulator x?

To obtain this type of pet you need to hatch the rainbow pixel egg. However, this huge pixel cat pet will not be available after hatching the spotted pixel egg.

What is the worth of a rainbow huge cat pet?

The cat is significant to complete any kind of cat pet collection in the rainbow cat costs around 82,000,000,000,000. Which is a lot its worth is high because its demand is still 10/10.

What is the value of a normal cosmic?

The value of a normal huge cosmic in pet sim is a lot its cost is around 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion gems). And the value change is around 3,000,000,000,000 (3 trillion gems).

What is the value of a rainbow cosmic?

The value of a rainbow huge cosmic is a lot its cost is around 80,000,000,000,000 (pet value). The value of gems is not disclosed yet and the value change is around 5,000,000,000,000 (5 trillion gems).

What is the value of a huge hacked cat pet cosmic?

The value of the huge hacked cat is less than the actual huge pet but still, it is a lot the pet value is 65,000,000,000 (65 billion) and the gem value is 27,000,000,000.

More about the Pet

In the game, the cat was the first huge pet available in the simulator this was available in pet simulator 1 as well. The cat is the reskin version of the already available cat pet in the Roblox, the cat pet can be hatched only by redeeming a certain code this code is called the cat plushie’s code (Merch code) by the big game official shop.