How Much are YuGiOh Cards Worth? [2023]

Each Yugioh card has its level. The grade is an important component that decides the card’s cost. Cards do have grades granted to them. The Yugioh cards in all actuality do have grades relegated to them. However, the grade in the Yugioh cards doesn’t make any difference because of high accessibility.

Every card has its character and uniqueness in the series. Also, the worth of Yugioh cards has expanded. One of the most expensive cards in Yugioh is Cyber-stein. The overall worth of this card is $312.69.

How much are YuGiOh cards worth from 1996? 

A detailed series has been launched which you can easily find in the 1996 Yugioh cards. These Yugioh cards are worth it and have a higher value as they fall in the limited edition series. The actual cost of the limited version Yugioh card is around $271.

Also, the cost can easily reach upto$239 and down to approximately $13. The cost of the Yugioh cards relies upon the condition. Always make sure that you have a limited card in your series collection. The worth might go up with time, and later you exchange them, you can sell them at a profit.

What is 1st edition Yugioh cards’ value?

The 1st edition of the Yugioh card is  $9,100. Yugioh fans go off the deep end for the Dark Magician Girl. Initially delivered in N.A alone, the card step by step launched in Japan and other famous countries of the world. Also, it has control over specific spots and different areas of the cards. The 1st edition card presented above is the unique one, the one that is the most extraordinary and costs the most money.

What is the purpose of the Yugioh card price calculator? 

The purpose of the Yugioh card price calculator is to find out which cards are going up these days and what’s their value and worth. And also which cards are not getting any hype these days. This calculator tells you the total worth of Yugioh cards.

Are Yugioh cards worth money? 

Yugioh cards are turning out to be more needed. The launch is everlasting development and with the arrival of the best games coming out. The Yugioh trading game began in Japan in 1999 and later got exposure in North America and Europe in 2002. These cards are worth the money because of their great value.

What are the most expensive Yugioh cards? 

Yugioh cards are very expensive because of their demand all over the world. Following are a few most expensive Yugioh cards:

First Edition Blue-Eyes White Dragon 

This card was first released in March 1999.

This was on the list of the top most famous selling cards in Japan. The card is adorned by a huge number of audiences because of its uniqueness and characters. If the card is in proper condition then it will be charged for  $6, 800 and in case the condition is not appropriate then just will be $24.1.

Skuna, The Leonine Rakan: 

The two-headed beast card is also among the most expensive Yugioh cards. A detailed survey has been done and Skuna cards have sold for around $6,000 before. Also, with the previous card on the list, the worth of this card will keep on rising.

Armament of the Lethal Lords 

This card is also from the list of most expensive Yugioh cards. The super card was signed by fans when a dealer requested more than $1 million for it on eBay. After the promotion blew over, the card’s real worth settled at around $8,000.

Tournament Black Luster Soldier 

The unique Yugioh card got the primary award at the opening Yugioh competition in 1999. This card has been recorded as available to be purchased previously.  However, the main exchange was for $2 million every 2013. Its uniqueness alone makes this card so important.


In the above article, you will see what Yugioh cards are worth. As every card has its uniqueness and character. Few are highly expensive because of the demand of the audience and few are in the normal range. But to figure out the worth of every card you have to use Yugioh card price calculator as it helps you in finding the value and the worth of cards whether they are going up or down.

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