Holo Charizard Card

 Holo Charizard Card is worth USD 1900 in 2023 

To begin with, Charizard cards didn’t appear anywhere until 1995 in Korea. Topsun cards, as they are known, might be worth a lot of money. While the Pokemon business in Tokyo was beginning to gain hold, the excitement had not yet reached the North American continent. The Charizard holographic picture on 1st Edition decks is accompanied by a mark in the bottom left quadrant.

There is no 1st edition mark and no shadowing to Charizard’s bottom on shadowless decks. There is a shadow to Charizard’s left on limitless decks, often known as “with shadows” vouchers. Due to the game’s limitless printing quantity in 1999, the last Charizard produced was the “Unlimited” variety. Each of these decks has a black swatch on the left edge, near Charizard’s side.

Holo Charizard Value

The current value of Holo Charizard card is estimated at $1000 for the poor condition Grade 3 version, $1200 for the average condition Grade 3 version, and $1900 for the Mint condition Grade 3 version.

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  • HP: 150
  • Type: Fire
  • Attacks: Stoke, Fire Blast
  • Weakness: Water x2

Card Worth: $1900USD

  • Released Year: 2000
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

Right after 5 months after the launch of the Holo edition Charizard card this card made itself the worthiest card because of its elegance with a value tag of $2500. Many believe PSA 10 Charizard 1st edition price is still the highest thus those people need some knowledge.

Holo Charizard Card Price Chart 2023

Type Poor Condition Average Condition Mint Condition
Ungraded $90 $110 $110.5
Grade 1 $190 $202 $250
Grade 2 $599 $650 $700
Grade 3 $1000 $1200 $1900

What is the value?

The price of a Mega Charizard EX 32/108 deck is $30. A Charizard EX 12/108 Holographic Ultra Unusual Nearly Mint may be purchased for $16.99, but a Charizard EX from FireRed and LeafGreen can be purchased for $500.

The figure is worth approximately $1,631 to individuals who have attained a PSA 10 grade for a 1995 Charizard worth, but only to those with higher. Grades 8 cards are worth roughly $176.78, and Grade 9 cards are worth approximately $286.25. When this is occurring, the price of a pack of holographic Full Art Pokemon decks, ungraded, is between $30 and $60.

Price Progressions with a PSA 9 rating should cost around $50, while those with a PSA 10 rating may cost close to $150. In the absence of grading, the worth of a Pokemon game is contingent on its condition. It’s possible to set any integer here.

How much money is a Charizard worth?

Most of the decks included in Base Set 4 have a worth of approximately $355, whereas the bulk of the decks included in the first collection has a worth of approximately $223. A Pokemon that has a less intriguing look may have a cost as low as $30, whereas one that has a highly fascinating aspect is valued at much higher than $60.

It is estimated that a Mega M Charizard EX 108/106 is worth $50. The reality that the cards were employed by such a large number of people is one factor that correlates to the comparatively low price, usually ranging from $20 to $60. Some other card to consider is the V of the sword.

This is a box that comes with a total of six boosters packages, including eight Celebratory Combo Bundles, two additional boosters packages, a gigantic deck, a gilded promos card, and a few other extras. Owing to this, the price begins at greater than $150 and might very well go as higher as $500, depending on the specifics of 1st edition holographic Charizard price.

In other words, Charizard is not housed in a hologram box, despite being the earliest published hologram edition of the Pokemon. These decks are valued substantially lesser than their holographic equivalents, primarily since holo cards are difficult to find, particularly in immaculate shape. The Charizard 1st edition has the highest worth and stands with a value of $450 and is known as the family of ultra holo rare.

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Why is the holographic Charizard so rare?

It just so occurs that the 1st Issue Hologram Charizard is a shadowless monster, which elevates its status to that of the greatest precious and uncommon badge. This original printing edition was made, marketed, and bought out while “Pokémania” completely took hold in the U.s.

As a result, copies in Near Mint condition are quite difficult to find nowadays. Very hard to grab from any package because it is a V card. Among all of the several varieties of the game that had gotten released up to this point, the 0.0625, VSTAR, and Charizard alternative full artwork decks are the variants that have the highest rarity.

The newest Blade & Flag addition pack Champion’s Way, which included the full-art Spectrum Rare VMax, was made available for purchase on August 25. On October 25, consumers were allowed to buy this bundle. Also, the holo edition is known to be the most expensive Charizard card from the series of holo 33/290.

How much is Jake Paul’s Charizard?

Then, at the beginning of June, Paul was given an endorsement by the up-and-coming bidding site Superbird; to commemorate, he wore a flawless first edition Charizard image as a pendant, which had a value of more than $250,000 at the time.

It is thought that only three copies of this Pokemon badge exist, rendering it an extremely rare collectible item, Charizard 4102. In October 2020, it was sold on eBay for more than $150,000. There are only three copies of these Pokemon cards in existence, which makes them very uncommon and coveted.