Hippo Melon

 Hippo Melon is worth 7 Billion Gems in 2024 

Hippo Melon is an Extremely rare pet that may be gained in Pet Simulator X by trade. It was released on April 1, 2022. Approximately 700,000,000 diamonds are said to be the present cosmic value. In the Pet Stimulator, the pet is a strange-looking pet. The Saatchi Art picture by Trevisani Francesco, which is valued at USD 1600, served as the model for this pet.

Hippo Melon Value

The current value of Hippo Melon is estimated at 7,000,000,000 for the normal, 40,000,000,000 for the gold version, and 50,000,000,000 for the Rainbow version.

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By completing Pet Simulator X’s April Fool’s Day, 2022 version and then making it to the 3 Seasonal Elves, you can get the rare pet. Certain pets may be bought from the Roblox store, while others need real-world money to be bought. Among the rarest and most costly pet varieties in video games is the hippo melon.


Pet worth: 7 billion gems

  • Released year: 2022
  • Rarity: rare
  • Game: pet simulator X

This is one of those few cards that are only available in a single form, there’s none of the gold, rainbow, or dark matter available for this card. You are also only allowed to trade the card if you hold an average of 800,000,000,000 gems. The card has an identical look to that of the crocodile card.

It is known that this card caused a big clash in the game at the time of availing it when gamers had no idea about its release. After you have received the pet you can only get the card via fusing and it gets you a reskin.

Hippo Melon Value Chart 2024

NORMAL7 Billion 💎
GOLD40 Billion 💎
RAINBOW50 Billion 💎

How to get a Hippo Melon in simulator X?

Hippomelon came out as a pet on the 1st of April back in 2022 and there was only one pattern to get this. First of all, you had to type “April Fools” in the game two times at any random display then pick any player and ask for a trade in which you will send 5 pets and receive nothing. After this put three festive elves’ pets together and fuse them, and you will receive the gift which will include the pet. You won’t get the pet after the day ends and it will be only available next year.

More about the Pet

This pet belonging to the exclusive family of the game is the highest-biting animal. Regular listings of the price are uploaded by the players and it is always the big trading. There are only a fixed number of these pets since it was a limited pet, and there was a unique way of obtaining it by following a list of instructions. If you look through the nada mc values you may notice that this single normal pet has set a huge value for itself.

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What is the highest pet in pet Sim X?

From the Legendary Pets Value List for Pet Simulator X, the hippo melon is perhaps the most expensive Rare pet currently offered in Pet Simulator X. It costs approximately $4,000,000 in its Rainbow condition, making it about twice as much as the Pegasus, which comes in second.

How do I find Mimics fast?

In the Underneath Decay, Lihzahrd Shrine, Underworld Crimson, and Underground Heaves mimic appear more regularly. The reason for this is that fewer types of creatures may occur in specific grasslands because there is more value for this pet.

What is a hippo melon competitive pet in a pet simulator?

The pet appears to be a species of snail, but it has a casing that looks like a turtle and is covered in spines of various colors. The grey shell is colored white and grey and has a little number of algae on it. It can grasp items in its two arms, such as when it raises a guide for Ulla, but its eyelids are usually shut.

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What are Max pet stats?

Generous talents are those that raise your animal’s statistics maximal value (s). Without the need for greedy ability, a character’s stats may reach a peak of 255 strength, 250 intelligence, 260 speed, 260 will, and 250 energy. These maximum stat pets are referred to as 2.0 pets.

What is the rarest and most valuable pet of all time?

There is just one amazing version of the Rainbow Huge Pegasus, making it the strangest pet in Pet Simulator X. The Huge Pegasus was the earliest pet in Pet Simulator X that was available to buy via the use of NFTs. The unique Huge Chest Mimic is presently the most precious pet in the game, with a beginning worth of approximately 150 Trillion Gems. This makes it the most expensive pet in the game and makes it the fpkm value.

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What are ordinary mimics?

When they are not being contacted or attacked, Ordinary Mimics have the appearance of chests. However, once they are, they arrive in daily existence and hunt the player by leaping towards them. Before showing themselves, they take the form of chests that are mostly discovered in the habitat they are located in, such as ordinary Chests located above the Underneath layer, Gold Chests located in the basement, and sealed Shadow Crates discovered in The Underworld.