Hawlucha Card

 Hawlucha Silver Tempest card is worth $0.02 in 2024 

You can discover the current value and worth of Hawlucha Silver Tempest Pokemon Card based on recent sales and market trends. The values provided for Hawlucha Holo & PSA are in US Dollars, the widely recognized currency for Pokemon card transactions. The following list is updated as of 2024.

Hawlucha Silver Tempest Value

The average value of a Hawlucha Pokemon card is $0.02. Sold prices range from $0.01 to $0.03.

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  • Type: Pokemon

Card Worth: $0.02 USD

  • Released Year: 2024
  • Rarity: Common
  • Game: Pokemon

Hawlucha Silver Tempest Pokemon card is valued at $0.02 in 2024. Known for its high-flying antics, Hawlucha is a Common card that adds excitement to Pokemon card collections.

How rare is the Pokemon card?

Hawlucha Silver Tempest falls under the Common category, indicating that it is more widespread than Rare cards. Its common rarity makes it accessible to collectors of all levels.

How to check which set it belongs to?

Hawlucha Silver Tempest belongs to the 2024 Silver Tempest set. To identify the set, check for the release year on the card, which is 2024. Additionally, sets often feature distinctive symbols or logos for easy recognition.

What is the worth of the Pokemon card?

The average worth of a Hawlucha Silver Tempest Pokemon card is $0.02. Its affordability and dynamic design make it a captivating choice for collectors and fans alike.