Gyarados GX Card

 Gyarados GX Card is worth $50 USD in 2023 

Gyarados Pokemon card is one of the liquid type stage 1 cards and family of GX.  Gyarados GX 101/111 was released in 2001 as part of the VS expansion. Very few sets of these cards were produced, a total of 36 cards being made being part of chain 147.

These were 230 Hp cards with water resistance. 6 of these cards were made as GX and were also known as the secret card. 1 of the 36 cards was called the Red Gyarados and this card is known to be the shiniest card.

Gyarados GX Value

The current value of Gyarados GX card is estimated at $45 for the poor condition PSA 10 version, $48 for the average condition PSA 10 version, and $50.14 for the Mint condition PSA 10 version.

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  • HP: 240
  • Type: Water
  • Attacks: Waterfall, Draconic Disaster, Dread Storm-GX
  • Weakness: Electricity x2

Card Worth: $50 USD

  • Released Year: 2018
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

The series it belongs to is also known as the Forced Evolution and it overcomes the Blue red Gyarados cards. These cards were the most difficult to obtain at the moment. In 2002 these cards were featured with a basic card that helped the GX cards to unlock 3 of the special moves.

The Mega series only consists of the 5 cards that used to be red but now are converted into blue after the release of the Pokemon Moon Star. After the release of Gyarados, there was a great dispute over whether these are better than the V series.

Gyarados GX Card Price Chart 2023

What is the worth of GX cards?

Gyarados card is highest in value because of the neighboring chain 151. Shiny Gyarados GX being the only single card of this kind is believed to be very expensive with a worth of $45000 and the nongraded cards of shiny edition are in between worth $15000 to $20000.

The Gyarados Holo Rare is part of the set 19/50 and the cards maintain the price tag of $30,000 for straight 5 years. According to the reports of Pokemon union, the Base set Unlimited which only comes in 1 deck of cards stands at the price of $9000.

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How many of these GX cards are made?

Out of these 36 cards, there were 9 different types of cards made. The chain began with the card Rainbow Gyarados GX and ended on the Involving Skies Gyarados. There was no Gold color involved since this color was replaced by the Shiny Red color card. The secret card chains included the GX edition cards which were very rare at the moment and only 6 of these were ever made even though no further copies were made.

And last but not least the basic card which was only made in quantity of 1, the card had the description of the collector which makes it unique.

Which of these Gyarados was the rarest?

What makes the card very rare is the quantity of those cards ever produced and the uniqueness of the cards. The secret card was known to be the rarest for the reason that they were from the league of the GX edition. Gyarados EX Promo was the blue league cards that were a start to the series of 149 which had been held over the Ultra Instinct.

And thirdly ranked as #4 rarest cards of the community EY, the EX Holon Phantoms Holographic cards. These were the breakpoint cards for any other cards existing in the EY community for 7 months.

How to know if your card is real?

Due to the increasing innovation in technologies, there was a lot of equipment introduced by the collectors that helped in indicating whether the cards are real or fake, since these cards are very rare and high in worth people used to be afraid of buying from the Promos of being scammed.

The machines helped in analyzing the thickness of the cards, the borders of the cards, and focusing on the stamps that are used on the cards. Especially the cards of the GX stage 1 which had many copies made after months and people started selling the fake.

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Can you buy these from Amazon or eBay?

Being ranked as #15 rarest cards this deck was not available on any of the selling platforms either Amazon or eBay. If a card is a rare card it will be only witnessed during the auctions that were held in winter. These heavy price tag cards are only under the hold of collectors and they present them in the Auctions only.

Later copies to be produced in late 2000 were not rare or high in the worth of any type which is why they were available on eBay for 5 months and after that, they were completely sold.

What are the abilities of Gyarados cards?

Gyarados cards are known to be the game-changer of all time even when your opponent has the basic card. Being extremely violent this card is believed to be the end game with the Hp of 100+. The Pokemon withstand the ability of all infinity power of the battlefield.

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