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All of these cards secured the highest value beginning with the 1996 symbol Holo Venusaur card that was released back 20 years before with a price tag of $55000. Leading with the year 1999 the Promo Mega Battle Tropical Wind was only available in 1 quantity at mint PSA 10 with a value of $130,000.

With a value of $110,000 released in 2021 the world promo trainer card no.2 was released in 24K gold and rated as Coach no.1. The BSG 10 flawless card Pokemon Genesis Lugia was released at $115000 at TCG #5. The fifth gold pokemon known as the Kangaskhan #115 cards belong to PSA 7 of the deck with a value of $150,000.

Most Valuable Pokemon Gold Cards

Gold 1996 Pokémon Symbol Holo Venusaur1,000$
Gold 1999 Pokémon Promo Mega Battle Tropical Wind75,000$
2006 Pokémon World Promo No. 2 Trainer2,658$
2000 Gold Pokémon Genesis 1st Edition Lugia24,000$
Kangaskhan - Family Trophy Card101,000$
Ultra Ball Plasma Freeze2,000$
Reshiram Legendary Gold Edition7,349$
Zekrom Legendary Gold Edition5,462$
Ultra Necrozma-GX Dragon Majesty1,000$
Snorlax Chilling Reign1,100$
Arceus VSTAR Brilliant Stars1,000$
Crushing Hammer1,000$
Mew Oreo28,000$
Ultra Ball500$

Gold 1996 Pokemon Symbol Holo Venusaur

Amongst the most excellent costly Pokemon badges now are those from the show’s original introduction in the 1990s, the original edition. A No Rarity Gold Venusaur card is quite valuable on its own, but the $55,000 it brought at auction in December 2021 established a new benchmark for the scarce Pokémon card.

The famed designer creating numerous Pokémon decks over the previous 20 years, Mitsuhiro Arita, signed the card’s sleeve, bringing the final price to a new milestone. In the English version of the Pokémon card game, cards with the first generation stamps are greatly desired, however, in Korea, the oldest Pokémon decks may be distinguished by the fact that they do not have a stamping.

A Pokémon Residence permit that has been rated a faultless Gem-Mint 10 by PSA is quite hard to come by like the gold card value Charizard.

Gold 1999 Pokemon Promo Mega Battle Tropical Wind

As per the burger king gold pokemon cards value, only 1 copy of Gold Tropical Breeze was printed as promotional decks for the 1999 Tropical Giant Challenge, a tournament held in preparation for the Pokémon World Finals. At the Tropical Giant Combat, held in Honolulu, fifty participants from all over the world competed in a playing deck game event.

It was an invitation-only gathering for the greatest Pokémon trainees on the planet, and the only chance to get there was to win a fight in your area. In PSA Gem Mint 10 state, a version of Tropical Wind from 1999, released in Korea, has fetched as high as $65,100 at auction, with the greatest current career-high sale in September 2020.

Valued at up to $148,482 by PSA, this ultra-rare deck is a strong candidate for the title of highest valuable Pokémon product ever produced.

2006 Pokemon World Promo No. 2 Trainer

The 2007 Gold No. 2 Trainer is considered among the oldest Pokémon decks ever manufactured, with just several decks ever produced, much like its extremely uncommon and pricey Coach championship decks.

In addition to getting this card as a prize, participants had to first compete in the 2006 Pokémon World Cup in Newport, Californian, and then advance to the semifinals in their respective categories. It’s widely agreed that there are just two examples of the 2007 No. 2 Trainers card, rendering it one of the strongest Pokemon badges ever.

Due to its scarcity, a copy rated Mint 9 by PSA will set you back over $110,000 by December 2021. The No. 2 Trainers is one of the greatest sought-after Pokémon decks because of its unusual occurrence and high worth of 23k gold cards value, placing it in the same league as the legendary No. 1 Coach.

2000 Gold Pokemon Genesis 1st Edition Lugia

Being graced the covers of Pokémon Silver and its Nintendo DS version, SoulSilver, Gold Lugia is undeniably one of the greatest recognizable and beloved Pokémon in the franchise of 1999 gold cards value.

Due to many faults and uncut sheets in initial batches of the Neo Genesis collection for the Pokémon TCG, the #9 Holo Lugia board is considered one of the toughest challenging Pokémon issues to evaluate, according to auction company PWCC. The Pokémon card’s extraordinary value at bidding is a result of its great demand and little supply.

In October 2020, a PSA 10 duplicate of the initial printing of Neo Genesis Lugia was purchased for $50,000, while in March 2021, a BGS 10 Flawless piece was acquired for more than $144,000. Indeed, this card is a truly legendary, and its price befits its status as such.

Kangaskhan- Family Trophy Card

This rare Pokémon card was first distributed during the 1998 Parent/Child Giant Combat event in Tokyo, making it one of the game’s original cards. Teams consisted of both adults and youngsters, as the nickname suggests.

A PSA Gem Mint 10 version of Kangaskhan-Holo #115 was purchased on amazon in Late 2020 for over $150,000, becoming the extremely rare deck among the highest costly Pokémon decks purchased in current history, after the purchase of a PSA 7 deck in May 2020 for $35,000, because of its rarity.

The classic holographic Kangaskhan championship deck is exceptionally uncommon since it has the Pocket Creatures Board Game emblem, the original Japanese nickname for the Pokémon Trading Card Game, on the reverse of the package as well as the side.

Check Out Japanese Pokemon Cards Value

Are Pokemon gold cards worth anything?

It was last year’s notable online celebrities and broadcasters that popularised the collecting of rare Pokemon collectibles by displaying their collections. Some people amass them as an asset for the future, whereas others buy them for a limited time and then dump them whenever their valuation skyrockets.

Because of this fad, the value of the first Pokemon collectibles has gone up and down. Some uncommon Pokemon cards have been added to the game after the list was first published, and they may be found in the latest current expansions.

The gold Pokemon card is one of a kind since it serves as the basis for all other localized editions of the same card. As a result, non-Japanese enthusiasts are fixated on securing items that will rarely be made available in their nations.

The introduction of extremely sought-after advertising decks in Japanese is one such incident. The earlier CoroCoro Shining Mew, the contemporary 15th Annual Full Art Pikachu, and the very latest Battle Festa Pikachu are all instances of such collectibles.

Can gold Pokemon cards be fake?

Physical qualities such as coloring, purity of substance, language, typeface, text arrangement, hologram appearance, and slicing procedure may help verify a collectible’s legitimacy. You can tell whether a Pokemon badge is real or fake by putting it through “Rip” and “light” testing.

The game’s popularity in Japan stems from the fact that there are more users than owners there. However, a card loses worth whenever it is broken. Consequently, be wary of deals that seem too wonderful to be true.

Are most Pokemon cards on eBay fake?

There is no reason to suspect that Pokemon cards sold on eBay and other auction sites are counterfeit. Usually, decks currently offered on auction platforms are authentic, although it is not rare to encounter fraudulent cards getting purchased. You would not buy from auctions that don’t provide a good picture of the card being sold.