Giraffe Adopt Me! Game is worth equal to a Mega Neon Strawberry Shortcake Bat Dragon in 2023 

You can find the value of all the versions of the Giraffe Adopt Me according to the latest sales. Keep in mind that all values listed of Frost & parrot are in Pet trades or comparisons to other pets which is commonly used in the game Adopt Me. The list below is updated till 2023.

Giraffe Adopt Me Worth

The Giraffe is a Legendary Pet from Safari Egg. It is currently worth a little more than the Neon Evil Unicorn.

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Pet worth: Equal to Mega Neon Strawberry Shortcake Bat Dragon

  • Origin: Farm Egg
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Game: Adopt Me!

The Adopt Me! game’s Giraffe is a rare pet. It is valued slightly higher than a Neon Evil Unicorn, another uncommon pet. The Giraffe is likewise comparable in price to a more rarer Mega Neon Undead Jousting Horse. In other words, you may anticipate receiving a Mega Neon Undead Jousting Horse or a Neon Evil Unicorn in exchange for your Giraffe if you decided to trade it for another pet. Or, you could anticipate receiving a Giraffe in exchange for your Neon Evil Unicorn if you decided to swap it for another pet.
Adopt Me!’s pet prices are often fluctuating, so it’s crucial to verify the most recent prices before making a deal.

Giraffe Adopt Me Chart 2023

Mega 744.00

What pet is worth a Giraffe in Adopt Me?

The following animals are valued at a Giraffe in Adopt Me, according to Adopt Me Trading Values:

Evil Neon Unicorn
Mega Neon Dead Horse Jostling
Frost Dragon Neon
Mega Neon Dragon Shadow Crow Neon
The price of pets in Adopt Me, however, is continuously changing, therefore it’s crucial to confirm the most recent prices before completing a deal. The particular deal you make will also rely on the individual players and the items they are ready to give up.

You might need to include other pets or objects in the transaction to make it fair, for instance, if you want to exchange your Giraffe for a Neon Evil Unicorn. On the other hand, you might be able to obtain a fair price without adding anything else to the exchange if you’re wanting to trade your giraffe for a Mega Neon Undead Jousting Horse.

In the end, doing some research and speaking to other players is the best method to determine whether pet in Adopt Me is worth a Giraffe. To gain a sense of the current costs associated with various pets, you can also visit websites like Adopt Me Trading Values.

How rare is a Giraffe in Adopt Me?

Adopt Me’s Giraffe is a Legendary pet, making it one of the game’s rarest animals. The Safari Egg, which was a temporary egg, has a 3% chance of hatching. Because there are so few giraffes in the game, they are extremely valuable.
For comparison, the Giraffe is nearly three times as uncommon as a Neon Evil Unicorn, another uncommon pet. The Mega Neon Undead Jousting Horse, which is even unusual, and the Giraffe are approximately on par in terms of rarity.
You can anticipate a profitable trade if you are fortunate enough to own a giraffe.

What are some good trades for a Giraffe?

In Adopt Me, here are some worthwhile exchanges for a giraffe:
This is a fair exchange for a giraffe, says the neon evil unicorn. The values of both legendary pets are comparable.
Mega Neon Undead Jousting Horse: This exchanges a giraffe for a significantly better item. You’d be getting a good deal because the Mega Neon Undead Jousting Horse is rarer than the Giraffe. Neon Frost Dragon: This deal for a giraffe is marginally worse. You would be giving up some value since the Neon Frost Dragon is less valuable than the Giraffe. The ideal trade for a giraffe will ultimately depend on how much each pet is currently worth.